Twitter fiction and a confession

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Twitter fiction and a confession

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Let's get the confession out the way first. 

Through this blog, I do inhabit the social media world, but I have not, to date, felt inclined (or to be honest had the time) to explore Twitter.  Well not until a glass of wine too many a few weeks ago when I found myself accidentally creating an account: @MartinRSPB. 

I have yet to use this account but if I did this is what I might have posted this week...


9am: @MartinRSPB At the Lodge, bluebells have enjoyed the rain, wish I was still camping.

1pm: @MartinRSPB Lunchtime run does not bode well for 45 minute challenge for #Bupa10K later this month

7pm: @MartinRSPB Good luck to Scottish colleagues co-hosting #WorldFisheriesCongress reception with Alec Salmond


8am: @MartinRSPB Breakfast meeting on Rio+20 with the DPM and Defra SoS - DPM calls for new thrifty society

6pm: @MartinRSPB Artists for albatross evening - stunning paintings, great success stories, more money raised for #albatrosstaskforce.

9pm: @MartinRSPB Really glad I did not take part in bidding for albatross paintings - family would not have been amused


7am: @MartinRSPB great press coverage of launch of #OperationTurtleDove

8.30am: @MartinRSPB with Jim Paice, Agriculture Minister to discuss #GreenFoodProject and CAP reform

11am: @MartinRSPB NGO gang in with Ed Davy, Energy SoS to discuss prospects for global deal and Electricity Market Reform

3pm: @MartinRSPB Tesco guys in the office to discuss sustainable sourcing of tropical commodities as part of #TogetherforTrees


5.59am: @MartinRSPB Looking forward to RSPB Council weekend to the Midlands to see Sherwood Forest, Middleton Lakes, Cannock Chase and Langfold Lowfields

And that was/is my week.

I think I'll stick to blogging.

  • You're a natural Martin - come on over to the dark side....!!

  • Wow, if you don't reach your 10K Bupa run taget Martin, you certainly vastly exceed it with your work rate and length of working day.

  • Have a good week !