Recent weeks have not revealed any major movements. Salama is still in the Ethiopian highlands, although her transmitter has gradually slowed as is usual during this period, and although we've not had a signal since 10 Sept, this is not a worry (the solar-powered transmitters need more sun and longer flights of the birds to remain charged). Perhaps most surprising is that Odeinat is still in southern Saudi Arabia, and quite close by to Amina (whose radio is also showing signs of slowing down, unlike Odeinat's which is still going strong). Ishtar has now completely stopped transmitting. A team in Saudi Arabia from SWC will hopefully be trying to relocate the 2-3 birds on the ground there in the coming days. Is Zenobia (untagged) still with Odeinat we wonder? Is Amina ever meeting up with Odeinat since they are in the same area?

Note that the tags usually start working better once the birds are on the move, so we may not get the full picture until February, but we'll continue to update for the birds/tags that transmit. We'll also update on any sightings of course.