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Our work
You might be surprised to read that our work is far broader than nature reserves and Big Garden Birdwatch. Read more about what else we do.
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  • Blog Post: Adding that personal touch

    Is it just us or does everything seem to be personalised these days? From having your name written on your coffee cup by your local barista to being able to do your shopping online on a virtual mannequin that looks like your doppelgänger, everything is customised and tailored to our needs. Here...
  • Blog Post: A new offer!

    Starting today we have a brand new offer for you, our lovely customers. Spend £30 or more and you can get a 5.5 kg bag of No-mess sunflower mix HALF PRICE - saving you a rather respectable £9.38.
  • Blog Post: Lots of great offers

    We have so many great offers online right now, it's hard to choose which ones to tell you about. There's our feeders for a fiver promotion, with selected bird feeders for just £5. This offer is available till 29 May, subject to availability. We have some great BIRD FOOD OFFERS too...
  • Blog Post: The anywhere bird bath lives up to its name

    I just found these fantastic photos posted on an RSPB community forum thread . They have ingeniously used an anywhere bird bath to create a bird jacuzzi. What a brilliant idea!
  • Blog Post: A great bargain

    We have another great bargain for you today. RSPB Hanging bird cakes are HALF PRICE. Grab them while stocks last. Offer ends 17 May 2011.
  • Blog Post: Don't miss out!

    It's the penultimate day of our bird sacks offer so make sure you don't miss out! Save £10 when you buy any two single 12.75 kg sacks of selected bird seed and seed mixes. Choose from any of the following - Black sunflower seeds Feeder mix bird food Feeder mix extra bird...
  • Blog Post: New today - a remote, motion-activated still and video wildlife camera

    Ever wondered which birds and animals visit your garden - and what they get up to while you're not there? Brand new on our online shop today is this fantastic remote, motion-activated camera - the Birdcam 2.0. Put it in your garden and you can capture great photos and video clips of the birds...
  • Blog Post: Caught in the act

    Every morning I sprinkle some Buggy Nibbles on the windowsill by my desk. Every morning I see fleeting glimpses of great tits, blue tits, coal tits, chaffinches and robins. Every morning I try in vain to get a photo of them - and fail. The chaffinch in particular is very elusive. He'll sit on...
  • Blog Post: Today's great new savings

    We have some great new offers today. Get a box of 6x 100g pouches of Dried Mealworms for only £10 ! That's a massive saving of £19.94 off the price of 6 individual packs. Sunflower drops reduced to just £1.99 . These suet coated sunflower hearts were £3.49, you...
  • Blog Post: 15% off bird baths

    We all know how important it is to provide fresh, clean water for birds to drink and bathe in. The long period of dry weather we've had so far this year has made it even more important to help the birds out. A bird bath is a useful and decorative way of making sure your garden birds always have a...
  • Blog Post: £5 off 12.75 kg sacks of RSPB bird food

    Right now you can save £5 off any 12.75 kg sacks of RSPB bird seed and seed mixes (excluding peanuts) when you shop with the RSPB. This great offer is available until 07 June (subject to availability) so why not head over to our online shop or give us a call and stock up now. If you're out...
  • Blog Post: SAVE £4!

    We have a new offer starting today. Save £4 on every box of ten Super Suet Cakes you buy. You can buy as many boxes as you like at this fantastic price of just £14.99 for ten cakes. These square suet cakes are great! The non-melting fat cakes are great for feeding birds all year...
  • Blog Post: Fabulous photo!

    RSPB customer Paul Elwell very kindly gave his permission for us to use this fantastic photo of a goldcrest on an RSPB Square bird cake feeder . Thanks Paul!
  • Blog Post: Bird baths.

    We all know how important it is to keep your bird feeders topped up with food during the cold weather, but you've got to remember that water is vital too. Some of your little furry friends' water sources may well have frozen, in which case providing clean, fresh water as regularly as possible...
  • Blog Post: 20% OFF SACKS OF BIRD SEED

    We have a fantastic new offer for you - 20% off our 12.75 kg sacks of bird seed. Birds need lots of energy at this time of year to cope with the cold nights. They're starting to get themselves ready for the breeding season too, and need your help to get into tip-top condition. Stock up on...
  • Blog Post: World book day!

    As most of you will know, after sending your little one to school dressed as Where's Wally or Harry Potter , today is World Book Day. A day of celebrating and reading your best-loved books and all time favourites. So what could be a more fitting day to launch our brand new 'Book of the...
  • Blog Post: New product videos

    There's a couple of brand new videos available on the online shop. We hope you enjoy watching them and they give you a great insight into our products.