As part of my role I get to meet loads of great farmers around the South East to find out what they are doing for wildlife on their farms, as well as advising them of any further actions they may be able to take.

A few years ago the RSPB thought it was about time that these farmers got some recognition for their wonderful work for wildlife, so we joined forces with The Telegraph, Butterfly Conservation and Plantlife and the Nature of Farming Awards were launched! 

Every year, 8 Regional winners (who receive a £250 prize) are judged by a panel of experts who decide on 4 National finalists.  It is then open to the public to vote and decide who is their favourite farmer, with the winner being crowned Nature of Farming Award Champion and winning £1000!

So, if you own or manage farmland in South East England and are not only producing food, but also looking after the birds, mammals, plants and insects on your farm – what are you waiting for?

You only have until 30th April to enter the UK’s largest farmland wildlife competition, the Nature of Farming Award, and a chance of winning that £1000! Download an application form here

In 2011, 22,000 people voted for their favourite farm in the competition, raising the profile of the crucial conservation work that many farmers are taking for wildlife.  Despite some excellent winners from the South East in recent years, we have yet to see a national if you think you are stepping up for nature, why not enter and we could see the crown come to SE England!

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