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Our work

Our work
You might be surprised to read that our work is far broader than nature reserves and Big Garden Birdwatch. Read more about what else we do.
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  • Martin Harper's blog

    Economics and joy

    Happy International Biodiversity Day! Last night, I spoke at the launch of Professor Dieter Helm’s new book, Natural Capital: Valuing the Planet . It came a day after the launch (which I sadly missed) of another excellent book by Michael McCarthy...
  • Martin Harper's blog

    Supporting friends and partners in Nepal: guest blog by Conor Jameson

    Last week Nepal suffered a second earthquake in as many weeks. Here, I welcome back Conor Jameson to offer his personal reflections on the impact of this disaster and what we can do to help. Like everyone else I have watched with horror and dread as...
  • Farming

    Open Farm Sunday at Hope Farm, come and visit us

    Much has been written about the growing disconnect between the increasingly urbanised population of the UK, where its food comes from and the wildlife in the countryside. For conservationists this is worrying. Wildlife may become less valued and the importance...
  • Martin Harper's blog

    Beyond A Joke

    The news of three hen harriers vanishing in as many weeks has rightly received a lot of media interest and concern (for example see here and here ) . History* tells us that the most likely reason is illegal persecution but, unfortunately, not everyone...
  • Martin Harper's blog

    On Power

    During the election campaign a friend of mine, who is a vicar, gave a sermon where he argued that voters should, amongst other things, look to those prepared to give up power. He said, “ Whenever any group tries to claim too much of it for themselves...
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Words of a feather

Feathers decorated with words describing hen harriers, created by pupils at Hallbankgate Village School...
Posted to: Skydancer - Gallery
by 135

Wintering hen harriers return to the Dee Estuary

Though they breed in the long heather of our upland moors in the summer, in winter, many hen harriers...
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by 154

Wintering hen harrier on the wing

While some birds have very clear winter migration patterns (eg ospreys go to West Africa), hen harriers...
Posted to: Skydancer - Gallery
by 142

What's hiding in the heather?

Moorland is a wonderfully diverse and complex habitat, made up of so much more than just heather. Pupils...
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by 141

West Cumbria Game Fair 2012

Skydancer stall at the West Cumbria Game Fair 2012, Armthwaite Hall, Keswick.
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by 181

Voicing opinions in Skydancer debate

Students at St Joseph's Middle School, Hexham, get into character to debate the issues of hen harriers...
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by 104

Touch the sky

Pupils have fun making their home-made hen harriers fly high in the schoolyard of Hallbankgate Village...
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by 125

The magic of moss

Pupil from West Woodburn First School displays an example of the peat-building sphagnum moss, on a moorland...
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by 130

Sunshine and Skydancers at The Alnwick Garden

Crowds gather to watch the Skydancing Circus Show as part of the Hen Harrier Carnival at The Alnwick...
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by 97

Stand-out male

With his pale ash-grey colouring and black wingtips, this male hen harrier cuts a striking figure against...
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by 120

Standing guard

Assisted by telescopes and remote hidden cameras, RSPB staff and volunteers keep a 24/7 watch over two...
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by 83

Spreading the word

This fabulous hen harrier information leaflet was designed by one of the first children to complete their...
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by 112