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Our work

Our work
You might be surprised to read that our work is far broader than nature reserves and Big Garden Birdwatch. Read more about what else we do.
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  • Scottish Nature Notes

    For The Love Of.......

    Jim Densham, Senior Land Use Policy Officer with RSPB Scotland, talks about a new climate change campaign we're working on alongside our partners in Stop Climate Chaos Scotlan d. For The Love Of....... We all know about climate change. We've...
  • Martin Harper's blog

    What a wonderful world

    It's cold, the days are getting shorter, man-flu will soon set in for the winter and so I am on the look out for good news to lift the gloom. Here then are 25 positive stories which have been compiled by my colleague Andy Evans who heads our Nature...
  • Saving Species

    Wader success in North Kent

    Guest blog by Alan Johnson, RSPB Area Manager I used to get quite gloomy when I thought about the prospects for wetland birds in the UK. In my role as the Area Manager for the RSPB’s reserves in Kent, I have a particular responsibility for the...
  • Martin Harper's blog

    Fact or fiction?

    Despite what an article by Robin Page in today’s Daily Telegraph may lead you to believe, we’re doing a lot for red squirrel conservation, have been for a number of years and plan to continue with this work. In fact, we hope to do even more...
  • Bird flu updates

    H5N8 avian influenza confirmed

    Defra animal health laboratory has confirmed that the outbreak in East Yorkshire is the H5N8 strain. This is the same strain as that which has caused outbreaks among poultry in Germany and the Netherlands in the last week. However there are no known...
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West Cumbria Game Fair 2012

Skydancer stall at the West Cumbria Game Fair 2012, Armthwaite Hall, Keswick.
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by 141

Communal Roost

In winter evenings, hen harriers group together in communal roosts of anywhere between 2 and 10 birds...
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by 131

Carnival Games

Children attempt to feed the hen harriers with beanbag voles at the Hen Harrier Carnival, as part of...
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by 130

'Flying' female

Female hen harrier showing off her flying skills as part of the Skydancing Circus Show, at Greenhead...
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by 125

He's a Skydancer

Male hen harrier shows off his skydancing skills during the Skydancing Circus Show, at Greenhead Duck...
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by 123

Moorland mini-beast hunt

Boys from Honrby St Margaret's CE Primary School get close up and personal with some of Bowland's...
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by 123

Narrator 'Mole'

Mole was the narrator of our Skydancing Circus Show at Alnwick Garden and Greenhead Duck Day, 27-28th...
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by 123

On the wing

Great shot of a female hen harrier in flight over the upland landscape. Note the characteristic white...
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by 123

Wintering hen harrier on the wing

While some birds have very clear winter migration patterns (eg ospreys go to West Africa), hen harriers...
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by 122

What's hiding in the heather?

Moorland is a wonderfully diverse and complex habitat, made up of so much more than just heather. Pupils...
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by 120

It's my first day

Newly hatched hen harrier chick, Bowland 2005. Hen harrier chicks will hatch one after the other in the...
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by 119

Wintering hen harriers return to the Dee Estuary

Though they breed in the long heather of our upland moors in the summer, in winter, many hen harriers...
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by 118