I have childhood memories of long hot journeys to summer holidays in Cornwall.  Our small stuffy car was packed to the gunwales with my gran, 2 parents, us three kids and one dog.  My Dad would groan and complain bitterly when we got stuck behind a caravan on the single carriageway roads. Our car was not powerful enough and too overloaded to make overtaking easy, and the opportunities always seemed too few and far between (especially with three tired and tetchy kids in the back).  So as a kid I was a little sniffy about caravans.....

But I have seen the light, and although I don’t own a caravan, I have since really enjoyed hiring an occcasional motor home - and I love The Caravan Club!  

The Caravan Club has been a corporate supporter of the RSPB for some time, and they recently renewed their commitment for another three years.

All great stuff, but what has it got to do with farming?

The Caravan Club know their members love being out in the countryside, and that our lovely countryside depends on great farmers.  So we have agreed that their support will go directly towards our work with local farmers.

In addition to the financial support, Europe’s premier touring organisation helps spread the word about the vital role that farmers play in giving wildlife a chance.  For example, every year the Caravan Club encourages their 850,000 members across the UK to vote in the Nature of Farming Award, celebrating and showing support for all wildlife-friendly farmers. 

That’s good news for farmers and good news for wildlife.  A perfect combination!


For more information on The Caravan Club, visit www.caravanclub.co.uk