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  • Stone-curlews past and present

    Stone-curlews are an amazing and instantly recognizable bird, with their large yellow eyes and long yellow legs. They fly hundreds of miles each year to areas which have stony, light sandy soils to breed in England, these include the Brecks and Suffolk...
  • Hope Farm inspiring and helping conservationists across Europe

    Since RSPB bought and started managing Hope Farm in 2000 we have hosted a wide range of visitors, from groups of farmers, industry representatives, government officials, MPs and Ministers. All have come to see how we have successfully halted and reversed...
  • Fair to Nature farmers compete for title

    Today, we have a guest blog from Simon Tonkin , Conservation Manager at Conservation Grade. Simon explains a bit more about their Fair to Nature farmers, and asks for your support in celebrating some of the best farmers in a new competition. "By...
  • Highland highlights

    Two weeks ago RSPB attended the Royal Highland Show (RHS). Here, Chris Bailey, Advisory Manager for RSPB Scotland, reflects on the highlights from the show. The Royal Highland Show (RHS) is one of the focal events of the year for RSPB Scotland. With...
  • National Organic Cereals

    Earlier this week I joined a barn full of agricultural folk a few miles outside of Milton Keynes at the National Organic Cereals (NOC) event. Run by Organic Farmers & Growers , this annual get together has proven to be a good place to be for several...
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