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  • Celebrating farmers' conservation in the Upper Thames

    If someone asked you where to go to see England’s best wetlands for wildlife, where would you suggest? The Fens? Somerset Levels? Chances are that the valleys around the upper reaches of the Thames and its tributaries wouldn’t be the first...
  • The nice young man from the city, and the sparrows in the country

    As soon as I’d said it, I knew I was probably asking for trouble. Mrs H was on the phone, asking about nest boxes for her farm in Warwickshire. She’d agreed to put up 20 new boxes as part of her Higher Level Stewardship agreement and wondered...
  • The Isle of Axholme: great for farmers, great for birds

    “Look, that lapwing’s banana-ing!” was the exclamation from my colleague. “It’s what?” I asked. “Banana-ing?” “Yes,” he replied. “When they’re displaying to potential mates, they...
  • Farming to save the "fat man"

    Or the corn bunting to give him his proper name! The nickname 'fat bird of the barley’ comes from their rotund appearance and their association with cereal cultivation. Corn bunting by Andy Hay ( Corn buntings used to...
  • When does a hamper become a help?

    When it's a hamper created by many of the wildlife-friendly farmers we work with across the country to help demonstrate the importance of supporting farmland wildlife. You may have seen our blog posts before Christmas highlighting the hamper we...
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