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  • Hope Farm: the return of the fat bird of the barley

    Regular readers of this blog will be well aware of the fantastic success that we have had at Hope Farm with increasing key farmland breeding bird populations since 2000: skylarks quadrupled, linnets quintupled, yellowhammers doubled, lapwings, yellow...
  • Farming, wildlife and Brexit

    In case you missed it - read Martin Harper's thoughts on the implications of Brexit for wildlife-friendly farming here . It's worth a read, and we'll continue to assess the implications for nature as further details become available.
  • RSPB land management training courses - spaces available

    Did you know that the RSPB runs a series of land management training courses? We have a series of popular courses running in 2016, some of which still have availability. If you're interested in developing your professional skills in land management...
  • Nature-friendly farming brings its own rewards: A focus on the Ouse Washes

    May is one of my favourite months of the year - spring is in full swing, 50% of the weekends have an extra day in them, and the days are getting noticeably warmer and longer. For wildlife-friendly farmers, it's a great opportunity to see and hear...
  • Have you seen a Monty?

    Montagu’s harriers , the UK’s rarest breeding birds of prey, have started arriving back in the country for the summer after spending the winter months in tropical Senegal in West Africa, and the RSPB is asking farmers and members of the public...
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