Skydancer is an exciting new four-year project aimed at raising awareness and promoting the conservation of hen harriers in the north of England.
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  • Skydancer Glams It Up

    Skydancer has won Best Education Project in the National Lottery Awards 2014. We were shortlisted from over 750 projects across the UK. Last Friday representatives of the Skydancer team, including past project officer Blánaid Denman, and a gamekeeping...
  • Pastures new.

    Hi there Skydancer followers. I’m temporarily stepping into the breach whilst still keeping one eye on the day job of working with Bowland’s farmers to help conserve wading birds. If you’re not already aware of the project please take...
  • The private life of hen harriers

    Now is the time of year when hen harrier chicks have fledged the nest. Adults and juveniles may stay close by for the winter, while others can move to communal winter roosts in coastal areas, wetland or reed beds. Some have been known to go as far as...
  • Hope and Burt are still in Bowland!

    As promised, here is the second of what I hope will be many updates from Bowland's sat tagged harriers. Hope and Burt, sister and brother, fitted with sat tags on the 28th July have been flying for about 4.5 weeks now. They are a full month...
  • Is it a buzzard or is it a hen harrier!?

    Adult male and female hen harriers look very different, sexually dimorphic. They both have long wings and tail with a white rump (a great ID feature). They fly with their wings raised in a shallow ‘V’, flying close to the ground when hunting...
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