Skydancer is an exciting new four-year project aimed at raising awareness and promoting the conservation of hen harriers in the north of England.
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  • Touring Skydancer Road Show

    *Phew*! Between April and July is definitely the busy season for people engagement and I feel like I've hardly been in the office at all - no bad thing given the recent bout of sunshine! With the help of some fantastic volunteers, I've been out...
  • Hen harriers in the media

    Running with the theme of positivity for 2013, if one were to try and find some sliver of good in the tragedy of Bowland Betty, it's that the circumstances of her untimely demise have finally brought the hen harrier issue to national attention. In...
  • Northumberland: Speculation Mounts

    As you can imagine, it has been a pretty anxious time for us in North Tynedale. There is always the concern that something might happen to our birds as there has been human persecution on the site in recent years. Could something sinister have happened...
  • April into May

    We have two more harrier nests! This takes our total to three. We still have birds present at two other sites, and possibly a third, which continue to show signs of pairing and possible nest building. But things really are very slow, with birds still...
  • Bowland Betty - final update

    Those of you who followed the Skydancer blog over the spring/summer this year will have been familiar with hearing about the exploits of the female hen harrier 74843 or Bowland Betty as she was known to us locally. The reason I've been unable to...
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