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Our work
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  • Blog Post: Scrubbing up for turtle doves

    Continuing our look at the plight of the turtle dove this week, Jacqui Weir , Woodland Biodiversity Advisor, shares her experiences of taking part in vital research to help identify the causes of their decline - the first step in finding the solution to save our most threatened farmland bird. ...
  • Blog Post: Climate challenges farmers – who mustn’t forget our farmland wildlife

    Ellie Crane, RSPB Agriculture Policy Officer Peter Kendall, president of the National Farmers Union (NFU) has gone on record as saying that climate change is the biggest threat facing UK farming. He points out that though farmers may be able to adapt to gradual changes in temperature, extreme weather...
  • Blog Post: Two Turtle Doves (the science behind the numbers)

    Blogger: Adam Murray, Communications Officer TURTLE DOVE FACT FILE: Description: The gentle cat-like purr of the turtle dove is an evocative sound of summer, but has become increasingly rare following rapid and sustained population declines. The species is now included on the Red List of conservation...