Our work

Our work
You might be surprised to read that our work is far broader than nature reserves and Big Garden Birdwatch. Read more about what else we do.
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  • Blog Post: Raising a Brood

    Blogger: Kate Blincoe Parenthood can feel complicated at times. We become circus skills experts with all that plate spinning, juggling and tightrope walking as we try to do the best thing for our families whilst managing limited time and money. Having just returned to work following maternity leave...
  • Blog Post: Militant bird feeding?

    Blogger - Erica Howe I’m house sitting at the moment while our friends are off on a holiday of a lifetime! It sounds wonderful doesn’t it? I’ve left the city, living in the Norfolk countryside, in a bigger house with a garden – sounds like a holiday itself? Well, sort of! ...
  • Blog Post: Slowly slowly catch a monkey

    Blogger: Aggie Rothon, Communications Officer Apparently we as a nation put on, on average, five pounds over Christmas. That’s quite impressive, even taking in to account the super size me tins of Quality Street sold everywhere pre-Christmas. The BBC seems to have taken this bit of information...