May, 2010


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  • 4-4 Draw !!!!

    With the Kestrels going 4-3 up against the Barn owls yesterday, the ghost like birds needed an equalizer to draw level, and in extra time this evening, just before I was about to leave work, chick number 4 arrived in the Barn owl box. 4-4 !!!!!!

    The Kestrel chicks are already a third bigger than when they hatched 3 days ago...its amazing how quickly they grow. The size difference between the oldest and youngest Owl chick is also quite frightening. 

    The Reserve was SUPER busy today, with hundreds of families all going out to enjoy nature. We had a whole manner goodies brought back to us to identify, from bugs and flowers to bones and even a fox's tail !!!!

    Also thank-you to the Mammal Society who came and did an excellent guided walk, where they saw Wood mice, Bank Voles, Sika Deer, Squirrels, a Badger set and lots of Bat pooh.

    All in all another great day at Arne, I just hope the weather holds off.

  • Chicks Galore!

    Well not only was I very lucky to be the first to see the 3rd kestrel chick today, I was also very excited to see that the 4th chick wasn't waiting around either as it hatched early morning in front of my eyes! If that wasn't enough, when i switched over to check the barn owls, a 3rd owlet was half in, half out of its egg and after a little bit of help from mum, soon shed the last of its shell. So that leaves one more egg for the kestrels and two more for the owls, but they have already stepped up the hunting as we had some amazing views of the female kestrel feeding her new arrivals.

    Elsewhere, hobby, smooth snake, raft spider, emperor dragonfly, green veined white butterfly and roe deer were seen today, showing off Arne's hugely diverse wildlife that can be found on this outstanding reserve. Come down this half term and enjoy the (hopefully) sunny weather and get out and about getting to know the British countryside!

  • Hello Brave New World

    More excitment today as one of the Kestrel eggs had just started hatching as we were leaving to go home for the evening. I would of stayed to watch the whole affair, but it can often take up to 12 hours to become totally un-egged !!!!!

    So I am looking forward to turning on the TV screen tomorrow to see our new arrival. There is also an excellent brand new seating area outside the Visitors Centre, that has been built by our volunteers. There is also a buzz around the reserve as a whole host of events are on the horizon for the half term week.

    Bird wise, there is still a Marsh Harrier doing the rounds of Poole Harbour, a spoonbill. Look out for Sand Lizards on the sandy paths now as they start digging burrows to lay their eggs. You can often find D shped holes in the ground where test burrows are made.