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  • Recent Arne Sightings

    We had a nice busy weekend here at Arne for the Big Garden Birdwatch, and we'll have some pictures of what went on posted here soon!

    We've also been having some fantastic wildlife sightings with male and female hen harriers being reported almost every day at the moment. Other highlights include merlin, peregrine, marsh harrier, dartford warbler, firecrest, spoonbill (30+) avocet (800+) brent geese, dunlin, lapwing, redshank, spotted redshank, red breasted merganser, and slavonian grebe.

    avocet by Yogi Bear

    Although it's only January we can already feel the joys of spring beginning to take hold around the reserve, especially around the visitor hut. Mistle thrushes are signing loudly in the woods, ravens are carrying nesting material near the offices, blue tits are investigating our nesting boxes and the barn owls in the nest box are beginning to show signs of romance...

    We hope to see you soon, and why not follow us on twitter, or tweet us your pictures from Arne @rspbarne

  • An evening with Raptors...

    Regular visitors to Arne will know that birds of prey are a major spectacle during the winter at Arne. Marsh Harriers and Hen Harriers are on the top of the list. Harriers have a tendency to roost communally which, if you’re lucky enough to witness, is a superb sight! This is why we are offering you a chance to witness this on a reserve not normally open to the public!

    Wednesday 18th and 25th February we’ll be heading to RSPB Arne Moors where we hope to see up to 12 Marsh Harriers gathering over the moors before settling down for the night. Other birds of prey that may also make an appearance are Hen Harrier, Merlin, Peregrine and even Short-eared Owl which was seen recently.  Booking is essential for these events as we can only take smallish groups out onto the moor and there is a charge for the event, but as normal, all profit will be ploughed straight back into protecting these special areas. We are really looking forward to them, they should be something really special!

    All the details can be found here

  • Big Garden Birdwatch is upon us!

    It’s that time of year again when everyone’s topping up the feeders and hoping our feathered friends stick around for the 2015 Big Garden Birdwatch, which has arrived this coming weekend and us lot at Arne will be getting up to all sorts of fun at the weekend, all garden bird based of course...

    Our fantastic visitor hut team will be on hand all weekend to answer any of your garden bird questions. We’ll have advice on putting up bird boxes, gardening for wildlife plus what to feed your garden visitors to keep them at the peak of fitness. As well as that we’ll be going on lots of impromptu guided walks throughout the weekend, just a short walk to show you what species we have around the hut and tell you all about them. Events are happening between 10am and 4pm.

    If all that isn’t enough, there’s hopefully going to be a Bird Ringing demo on the Saturday (10am-2pm) thanks to the Stour Ringing Group. This is weather dependant so rain and/or wind could put the stoppers on it.

    Of course, all this is to encourage you to head home and take part in this huge national survey. I read a prediction that there could be over a million eyes watching birds this weekend so let’s make it happen!!