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  • Blog Post: April Showers

    So April is here and so are the birds! As are April showers which have soaked a few people out of the reserve today but it's worth the effort! The last couple of days has seen the return of Willow Warblers and Blackcaps which are now joining Chiffchaffs and Swallows which have been building up over...
  • Blog Post: What a Good Friday!!

    Who’d have thought I’d be in the office on Easter Saturday writing a blog... It should be lovely and sunny with Arne bustling with enthusiastic visitors spotting all the signs of spring. Well, that’s exactly what happened yesterday! It was a stunning day and provided everyone with...
  • Media: Osprey Ahoy!

  • Media: Autumn Osprey

  • Blog Post: Raptor Weekend Sat 6th & Sun 7th September

    Next weekend is Raptor Weekend here at Arne! We will be having viewpoints manned by volunteers and staff in the most likely spots for seeing birds of prey. Its fun for all the family as we will also have a trail for children to follow with prizes if they get all of the answers! Over the last couple...
  • Media: Spring Osprey 2

    Record shot of the recent visitor
  • Media: Spring Osprey 1

    Record shot of the recent visitor
  • Blog Post: Easter Eggs

    This year it’s all happening on the live cameras! The buzzard camera is streaming live on our website, and you can watch it from here . The female does most of the incubation and is currently sitting on 3 eggs, which is the usual number for buzzards. As Michael mentioned in his last blog, the...
  • Media: Osprey in Flight 3

  • Media: Osprey in Flight 2

  • Media: Osprey in Flight

    After perching for 3 and a 1/2 hours eating its breakfast the Osprey finally decided to do a quick circuit before heading off.
  • Media: Brave or stupid?

    A Crow joins the Osprey on the pole this evening
  • Media: Osprey at Rest

    This evening the Osprey was present on the pole from 17:30 until about 20:00. It was also present in the morning. It appeared to wait until we were all looking the other way (at the 7 Spoonbill) before flying off.
  • Media: Another Middlebere Osprey visit

    Another visit from an Osprey to the Middlebere Channel this evening. Too distant and too low a light level to see if it had any rings. Flew up the channel, had one brief attempt at fishing in the channel before landing on a dead tree.
  • Blog Post: It just keeps getting better

    You know you are having a good day when sightings of pied flycatcher, spotted flycatcher, redstart, willow warbler, dartford warbler, smooth snake, marsh harrier, 300+ black tailed godwit, 200+ curlew, greenshank, green sandpiper and spotted redshank are all eclipsed! But today it happened. At least...
  • Blog Post: There's not 'much-room' at Arne

    I apologise for the mushroom joke, but today I thought I'd talk a tiny it about the incredible fungi and mushroom to be found around the reserve this time of year. Just at the start ofthe combe heath walk you will find two rather poisonous varities; the first the iconic 'children's fairytale'...
  • Blog Post: Be my baby

    What a washout! Thankfully the birds didn't seem to mind. One osprey seem today flying past shipstal in the morning and the young marsh harrier too was seen over the same side of the reserve. Really good numbers of redshank, curlew and black tailed godwit in the harbour and two spoonbill were...
  • Blog Post: Come rain or shine

    The weather forcast for the raptor weekend looks a bit dodgy but that won't affect the osprey going about their business in the slightest, and there was a lot of activity yesterday from them in the sun as well. Paul and his group on the guided walk were very lucky to get three osprey at once in their...
  • Blog Post: Raptor Weekend

    With guides with scopes positioned out all over the reserve this weekend, we searched for raptors! Down on combe heath, Osprey fished and perched in the dead trees both days, hobby too were seen all weekend, sunday saw a female sparrowhawk and saturday a female marsh harrier. On saturday, brilliant views...
  • Blog Post: Still hanging in there

    Just a quick message to let everyone know that osprey can still be seen fishing in the middlebere channel at the reserve, and even better than that; the present birds are using the osprey post so it's a much closer view from the combe heath trail! Come and see them; they are amazing!
  • Blog Post: Bank holiday Ospreys

    It seemed there were Osprey everywhere today. Excited visitors were regularly returning to the visitor centre reporting views of the magnificant birds fishing in middlebere channel, eating fish in dead trees at shipstal, flying over wareham channel and roosting in trees at combe heath. After long debate...
  • Media: Osprey in Tree

    Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) with fish remains in dead tree. Arne, Dorset, UK. 02/04/11.
  • Media: Osprey 3

    First seen at 19:30 (03/06/13) flying down the Middlebere Channel towards the harbour. Flew quite a way out into the harbour and proceeded to fish. Mobbed continuously by several gulls. After about 20 minutes, flew back over Arne, but did not stop on the Pole.
  • Media: Raptor Weekend - Osprey

    Our third trip to Arne and we hadn't once seen an Osprey, until yesterday when three turned up at once! Seeing this one pick a fish straight out of the water in front of us was amazing. Many thanks to the RSPB staff who went out of their way to point everything out to us, your help was invaluable...
  • Media: Osprey Silhouette

    Osprey with half-eaten fish. RSPB Arne, Dorset, UK. 02/04/11.