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  • Media: Wood Ant Logistics

    Wood ant (Formica rufa) carrying another wood ant. Arne, Dorset, UK.
  • Media: Shattered Woodlark

    Woodlark on the heath at Arne. Dorset, UK. 31/03/11. You spend weeks searching for one of these creatures and then it pops up in the most prominent place imaginable. Classy landscaping feature guys! Shame it wasn't an osprey.
  • Media: Male Siskin

    Birds perch in some weird places..:-)
  • Media: Tiger Beetle Challenge

    Green tiger beetle (Cicindela campestris). Arne, Dorset, UK. Just how close to a tiger beetle can one get with a macro lens I wondered? About this close and not much closer I concluded. They don't seem to like facing their own reflection in the lens cover however - and who could blame them. The...
  • Media: singing Robin (another angle)

    Arne's woods 30th March 2012
  • Media: Wren

    The wren just poped out onto the fern
  • Media: Osprey Silhouette

    Osprey with half-eaten fish. RSPB Arne, Dorset, UK. 02/04/11.
  • Media: Male Stonechat

    Was jumping off the top of the bush then floating back down..Maybe a female hanging around..on coombe heath
  • Media: Four Spotted Chaser Profile

    Four spotted chaser dragonfly (Libellula quadrimaculata) detail. Arne, Dorset, UK. 29/05/11.
  • Media: Essence of Godwit IV

    Black-tailed godwits (Limosa limosa) on tidal channel at Arne. Poole Harbour, Dorset, UK.
  • Media: Poole Harbour Seal

    Common seal (Phoca vitulina) off Shipstal Point in Poole Harbour, Dorset, UK. 12/12/10.
  • Media: Red Breasted Merganser

    6 Red Breasted Merganser were swimming and diving opposite the fence hide on coombe heath..they were in the middle of the channel and never came to close to the fence hide side..
  • Media: Hornet Robberfly Injection

    Hornet robberfly (Asilus crabroniformis) consuming a freshly caught grasshopper. Arne, Dorset, UK. Steadily sucking the juices out of its unfortunate prey.
  • Media: Hobby Montage

    A pair of hobbies (Falco subbuteo) out hunting at RSPB Arne, Dorset, UK. 06/06/11.
  • Media: Wood Ants and Aphids

    Wood ants tending to aphids on gorse. Arne, Dorset, UK. I can't be sure that this was an example of mutualism in action but the ants didn't show any signs of aggression during the time that I watched. I returned 2 days later and they were still in attendance. Ants are known to feed off...
  • Media: Osprey in Tree

    Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) with fish remains in dead tree. Arne, Dorset, UK. 02/04/11.
  • Media: Sika Stag

    Taken at Arne, A Sika Stag saying "No closer buddy"!!!!
  • Media: Raft Spider Tension

    Female raft spider. Arne, Dorset, UK. 28/04/11.
  • Media: Coy Barn Owl

    Barn owl (Tyto alba) out hunting. Arne, Dorset, UK. 08/07/11. It steadily made its way along the fenceposts towards me until it couldn't get much closer.
  • Media: White Sika Buck

    White sika buck (Cervus nippon). Arne, Dorset, UK. Turned the corner and there he was - like something out of a 1970's Timotei ad for deer.
  • Media: Barn Owl Retreat

    Barn owl. RSPB Arne, Dorset, UK. The parents use this box to escape the attentions of the voracious chicks nearby.
  • Media: Southern Hawker Head-On

    Male southern hawker dragonfly (Aeshna cyanea). Arne, Dorset, UK.
  • Media: Firecrest.

    Firecrest singing a closer crop.
  • Media: Avocet City

    Avocets at the mouth of the Middlebere channel from Arne late in the afternoon. Poole Harbour, Dorset, UK. 12/01/11.
  • Media: Comma

    Arne's car park 28th March 2012