Ospreys return / Gweilch y Pysgod wedi dychwelyd

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Glaslyn osprey diary

Follow the fortunes of a pair of ospreys breeding near Porthmadog in north Wales.

Ospreys return / Gweilch y Pysgod wedi dychwelyd

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We can confirm that both the male and female ospreys have returned again to the nest in the beautiful Glaslyn valley near Pont Croesor in Porthmadog. Yesterday (Monday 22 March), at 2.40pm the male osprey was spotted in an adjacent field to the nest site eating a large fish, and the female osprey was spotted this morning (Tuesday 23 March) at 7am.

The pair arrived on virtually the same date as previous years, and as the viewing centre opened yesterday it’s all go at the site. The nest cam has again been set up and feeds into a TV screen in the visitor centre, click on the following link to the BBC pages to see it online http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/northwest/sites/webcams/pages/ospreys.shtml

Gallwn gadarnhau fod y gweilch y pysgod wedi dod yn ôl i’w nyth ar dirlun hardd y Traeth Mawr ar lannau’r afon Glaslyn nepell o Borthmadog. Ddoe (dydd Llun 22 Mawrth), am 2.40 y prynhawn gwelwyd y ceiliog gwalch y pysgod mewn cae’n agos at safle’r nyth yn bwyta pysgodyn mawr, a gwelwyd yr iâr gwalch y pysgod am 7 y bore heddiw (dydd Mawrth 23 Mawrth).

Mae’r gweilch y pysgod wedi cyrraedd ar bron yr un dyddiad â’r blynyddoedd blaenorol, a gan fod y safle gwylio wedi agor ddoe hefyd mae’r safle yn brysur tu hwnt. Mae’r cyswllt fideo byw o’r nyth sy’n bwydo i mewn i sgrin deledu yn y ganolfan ymwelwyr wedi ei setio i fyny eto blwyddyn yma, gallwch glicio ar y linc i wylio’r gweilch y pysgod ar wefan y BBC http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/northwest/sites/webcams/pages/ospreys.shtml>

  • We really enjoyed our shift at the Glaslyn Site yesterday afternoon.  Fortunately for us and the Ospreys, the sleet stopped just after we arrived and though it was cold, 6 degrees, it was bright.  

    A peregrine had been seen in the area of the nest in the morning whilst the Male Osprey was away for over an hour on a fishing trip.  He brought back a huge fish, probably a salmon, and circled the nest with it, as if to show it to the Female waiting on the nest, and then he took it to a tree where he had his fill for about half an hour and then carried the fish to the Female waiting on the nest.  As the Female was flying to a nearby tree to eat it, she was suddenly mobbed by crows and, in her surprise, dropped the fish to the ground! The crows immediately pounced on the fish but the female dropped down after it, the crows left the fish and she quickly retrieved it, taking it back to the nest.  The Male Osprey then went to see off the crows and the female returned to the tree to eat her fish in peace. We spent several hours watching her feeding from the fish, whilst keeping an eye open for crows, and enjoyed some of the best views we have ever had of both Ospreys.

    In the meantime, the male had been nest building, bringing huge pieces of moss - the cup of the nest is now getting quite deep – as well as more sticks, and we saw him trying to prune the new growth from the tree around the nest, presumably it obscures the view!  At around 5pm he came to perch beside his Female and mated with her then tried to take the fish from her, he kept having a little peck of it, but she was determined not to let it go!!

    Lin & Reg, Osprey Volunteers

  • Had a great day with the Ospreys last Saturday, they are looking good and busy doing all the things they should be at this time of the season, bringing nesting material, moss, grass, sticks, catching fish, seeing off the crows and buzzards nearby and, of course, mating! Looking forward to eggs now.... :)

    Shame that this weather has deteriorated this week, the Ospreys must be disappointed with the weather.  Saw them on the Webcam today together on the nest, looking rather damp to say the least.

    Lin Heath

    Osprey Volunteer

  • Good to have the news they are both back. Can we have an up date? It would be great to think there will be weekly updates for those of us who can't pop into see them

  • Very good news! We shall await the first egg...

  • What fabulous news - they truely are a wonderful sight! :)

    Geraint thank you for the update and see you all at Easter


  • Brilliant news, Easter Eggs again?????

    Look forward to watching the web cameras and visiting the site in the next few weeks

  • Superb news - i look forward to seeing what the season brings!

  • Great news Geraint wishing you another successful season.

  • Very good news indeed!

  • Well done Geraint were all watching for updates

  • Good news Geraint were all watcing for updates

  • Good news Geraint were all watching for updates