Bempton Cliffs

Bempton Cliffs

Bempton Cliffs
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Bempton Cliffs

  • Having fun and raising funds

    Most people go on holiday for a rest but not  cousins Joe and Daisy Lumley  and Tom and Jake Caston.   

    They've been hard at work with Freddie Drewniak and  Tilly and Barney Clarke painting pictures then selling them to raise funds for Bempton Cliffs.  

    The families stay in Flamborough each summer and the children have been wow-ed by the seabirds on the cliffs on previous visits.  Wanting to do something to help them, they came up with a plan.   Instead of doing their favourite thing of playing on the beach, they grabbed their paints and crayons and started creating.

    Taking their inspiration from nature, the youngsters made around 30 paintings of animals and birds including an orangutan and a puffin.  

    But it was Jake's abstract wave image that sold for the highest bid of the day - £2 from his Dad.  Altogether the group of talented artists raised £23.50 for the reserve and they asked for the money to go towards a conservation project.  We promise we will put it to very good use. 

    And we weren't the only people impressed by the works of art.  Young visitor Toby, who was around when the children came along to hand over their hard earned cash, thought the team's paintings were brilliant and brought puppy Elsa over to woof 'Thank you' .

    A very big thank you from us too. 

  • Bill signing off

    And it's goodbye form him!

    Hello, Bill here with his final blog. I hope that you have enjoyed the few that I have done.

    I am on my way back to The Netherlands on Wednesday.

    I would like to say a big Thank you to all the staff at Bempton Cliffs for all their help over the past few weeks.

    I have enjoyed it a lot and take a lot away with me. As Arnie said, "I will be back."

    Some recent sightings -

    willow warbler, sparrowhawk, lots of oystercatchers, blackcap, peregrines (most days), song thrush, juvenile wheatear, arctic skua, linnets, moorhen juvenile and goldfinches

    Alos the Harbour Porpoises have made an appearance at Bartlett (23/8) and stayed all morning quite close in.




  • Brave kids wanted

    Go on, we dare you.  Can you hold a wriggly worm, or a blinking toad, or a massive moth?   

    Not everyone is brave enough.  But if you've got a curious and courageous kid like Jordan (below), then a magical moment with a bug or a bat could win them a cuddly puffin.   

    Parents and carers are being asked to take photos of their youngsters getting close to things that and crawl, slither and slide, hop and croak ...if they can bear it.  

    The snap can then be emailed to the Bempton Cliffs office and the best image chosen by the team will win the prize. 

    So where do the tiny monsters come from?   Well, the moths are trapped overnight, identified first thing in the morning, displayed during the day and then released again at dusk.   The toads and other amphibians, like Great Crested Newts, are discovered during the monitoring process that's part of our new visitor centre development.  

    And it's definitely not a case of 'look but don't touch'.  We are positively encouraging kids to stroke, hold, and even snuggle up to the kind of wildlife that isn't generally thought to be cute or cuddly.   And we hope that getting a little closer to these fascinating creatures will make some youngsters (and their adults) change their minds. 


    Of course, some kids like George (above) still aren't sure about the hands on approach.  But for those that are, this is the perfect time to find our what a toad's skin feels like (and no, it's not slimy) - and win a prize to boot. 

    Big Birds and Mini Beasts activities continue every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until the end of August when the reserve closes as construction work on the new visitor centre begins.

    Email your 'Best Beastie' pics to: