Bempton in March

Bempton Cliffs

Bempton Cliffs
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Bempton Cliffs

Bempton in March

  • Can anyone tell me if there are likely to be more birds than just gannets on Bempton Cliffs mid to late March?  I am thinking of spending a weekend in the area around that time but am wondering if I would be better waiting another month?  Thanks.

  • Hey Christine, most of our seabirds are starting to return.  Fulmars are out there, so are razorbills and guillemots.  

    Last year, the first gannet egg was spotted at the end of March.  So a very exciting time.

    On the non-bird front, yesterday our Assistant Warden spotted an Ermine stoat - which is pretty amazing.

  • We had two puffins at flamborough two weeks ago, which we did not expect.

    did the AW get a picture, ??

  • Sadly no picture of ermine stoat...AW too surprised and ES too quick.   Will keep our eyes peeled for the puffins...blimey, they're early for the party.

  • Well I wouldn't be expecting to see puffins so any would be a bonus - guillemots, fulmars and razorbills sounds good to me!  Thanks for replying Maria and nighthawk.

  • Bempton is always worth a visit any time of year,apart from cliff top sea watching and scanning the cliff faces the cliff top fields are always good for something,we have had great S.E.Owl views on there in March and if the wind is on shore anything could turn up.

  • Thanks Seaman - I've booked into a nearby bed and breakfast with my family the weekend after next so will be dragging them all along birdwatching with me!  (They don't really object).  All we need now is for the weather to change a bit for the better.  Fingers crossed!

  • Also nip down the road a couple of miles to Flamborough Head,top place for incoming migrants,sea watching and good cliff top walks.We often find early Puffins are easier to see at North Landing at Flamborough look at the sea cliffs from the car park.

  • Thanks for the tip Seaman - a couple of weeks to wait now, but am really looking forward to it.  Surely we will be due a bit of sunshine by then!

    Bob - I'm going the week before Easter so will let you know what there was about (in case you need any persuasion to make your return journey that way!)

  • Hi Christine, I shall be up there for a few days in the week leading up to Easter but if yours is a weekend visit our paths won't cross.

    With one eye on my impending retirement next spring I recently bought a small caravan just outside Flamborough village - within a good walk of both Bempton and Flamborough Head. Can't wait! :)

  • Hi see gull.  It sounds as though you will be arriving as we are leaving.

    That caravan just outside Flamborough sounds brilliant.  What a great place to spend some of your retirement - you'll have everyone off the forum popping round for a cup of tea as they visit Bempton and Flamborough.  What a great opportunity for you to see all sorts.

  • 'All sorts' sounds like a fair description of us forumites CB LOL !!

  • Great to see all coming along to Bempton and Flamboro' for birds in general and not just seabirds. Lots to do here already - so plenty of warm clothes and you will have a great time.

    As for those planning weekend and longer regular trips - don't forget the Seabird Cruises start in May with the Puffin & Gannet trips running thro' to July. Skua & Shearwater trips in autumn.

    Sailing on the Yorkshire Belle from Bridlington, bookings can be made by email