Bempton Cliffs

Bempton Cliffs

Bempton Cliffs
Do you love Bempton Cliffs? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
Bempton Cliffs

Bempton Cliffs

  • Day out at Bempton Cliffs on Thursday 8th March 12, I was told there were one ot two Puffins knocking about, saw them on the big screen, but did not manage any photos of them.

  • Superb set of pictures here Dave and a real bonus catching the Peregrin. I love the light and pose of the last Gannet in flight shot.


  • Wow! Think I need to pay a visit to Bempton - some cracking shots you've got there.


  • Hi Andrew, things are on the move now up at Bempton RSPB, I was very lucky with the Peregrin he was sat on the cliff edge just topside of the Newark viewing station. he watched me for sometime before he took off, lol, another bonus for me was that there were`nt many people knocking about.  

  • Hi RoyC, like I said to Andrew things are now on the move up at Bempton RSPB, I live on Bempton Lane in Bridlington and I can pop up there quite freqently, I must say it is one of my favourite places.

  • Hi Dave what super photos.Aren't gannets such beautiful birds, and you did well to capture the peregrin.These are two birds I've yet to see myself.

  • Hi Viv, I agree with you there Gannets are beatiful birds, I love to see them in flight, you say I did well to capture the Peregrin, I was very lucky because he was sat on the cliff edge, and we were eyeing one another up for quite sometime lol. plus there were`nt any one around.

  • How lucky you are to live so close to Bempton and these are fantastic pictures.  What sort of camera do you use?  I'm very new to the photography side but I would love to take close up shots of the birds I see.  I work on a caravan park so get lots of lovely birds here but my little camera just doesn't do good close up shots.  Any advice?

  • Re the peregrines are you aware that there is a pair on the cliff under the castle at Scarborough?

    I was there last monday 12th and saw about 5 and another pair I found in one of my photos I was not even aware of!

  • Wonderful pictures, especially love the gannets. Bempton is a fantastic place, you can get so close to the birds, you're very lucky to live near-by.

  • hi Dave

    was hoping to get up there in April but looking unlikely now:-(

    keep the pics coming they are brilliant


  • Have to let us know when you are next going andrew may meet up if I have time, only live down the road in Scarborough

  • Hi Andrew, shame about that mate, anyway let me know when you can get over to bempton and if we can we can meet up, and may be with topdog as well.

    Will keep the photo`s coming Andrew, but it is now motorhome time, hoping to up up and off shortly.


  • Hi Trish, I use a Canon 40D Digital SLR, and I use an assort ment of lens for my close up shots, a 70-300 and a 150- 500mm lens. Small compact cameras are OK but not for the sort of shots I do, buy I digital SLR and a good lens one last thing when shooting keep the sun over your shoulder, and join a local camera club where you will get help to improve your photography, our club website is


  • Dave that link is not working can you repost please...