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  • Blog Post: Recent Sightings for May

    Hello there, Fun on the Bank Holiday Weekend We kicked off the month with a bit of a cold wet start to the Bank Holiday Weekend. But once the sun decided to come out, so did our lovely visitors, with Bank Holiday Monday being declared the busiest day in Bempton Cliffs’ history. Although the...
  • Media: Fantastic Day Yesterday 20th May 2015

    Here's a picture taken by someone (me) watching the watcher of the birds. I assume its RSPB staff. My wife and I travelled from Lancashire for a day trip. What a fantastic site. Keep up the good work.
  • Media: Northern Gannets with chick

    14 June 2014
  • Media: Guillemots and chick

    14 June 2014
  • Media: Kittiwake chicks

    14 June 2014
  • Media: Atlantic Puffin on cliffside

    14 June 2014
  • Media: Courting Gannets

    14 June 2014
  • Media: Atlantic Puffin

    03 May 2014
  • Blog Post: Making Jo's day

    How good does it feel to release a puffin back into the wild? The smile on Jo Allen's face probably gives you some idea. The box in the photo (henceforth known as a Puffin not Pet Carrier) contains a puffling that was brought to the reserve yesterday after being found in a garden in the...
  • Blog Post: Halfway to Holland

    The following text was written by and posted on behalf of RSPB Conservation Scientist Dr Guy Anderson. The face of the Yorkshire coast has a nose. A pretty, green, rolling nose edged with magnificent white chalk cliffs. Flamborough Head. This nose has many occupants, and sitting on its tip, I can see...
  • Blog Post: Recent Sightings 22/06/14

    Hello again all, and what a busy weekend it’s shaped up to be at Bempton Cliffs! The week had a very slow start on the interesting sightings front, as the weather was cold, cloudy, and very windy indeed! A single sighting of a whitethroat on Wednesday 18 June was threatening to be our only spot...
  • Media: Kittiwake family

  • Media: flying high

  • Media: Gannets on the ledge

  • Media: Gannet love

  • Forum Reply: Re: Bempton in March

    Great to see all coming along to Bempton and Flamboro' for birds in general and not just seabirds. Lots to do here already - so plenty of warm clothes and you will have a great time. As for those planning weekend and longer regular trips - don't forget the Seabird Cruises start in May with...
  • Forum Thread: Bempton & Boat trip

    Thanks to everyone at Bempton. My first visit on Saturday (it's a long way from Essex) and now have 900 shots to go through from the reserve and the boat trip :-) Here are a couple.
  • Forum Thread: Bank Holiday

    6th May Bank holiday
  • Forum Thread: My Visit

    Hi guys, just wanted to gently point people in the direction of my latest blog post displaying some of my phgotography and a written account of a day spent at Bempton focusing on Gannets! Hope you like it! Enjoy! Ben
  • Forum Thread: April at Bempton

    my first sighting of a Puffin Razorbill
  • Forum Reply: Re: Bempton & Boat trip

    Ok, here's a couple of peregrine shots. This dishevelled looking raptor shot through a couple of times causing mayhem on the cliffs
  • Blog Post: 'Spotted' This Week

    There's so much to report this week that I'm not really sure where to start. Perhaps with the news that both a marsh harrier and a spotted flycatcher were observed in the area around the centre over the weekend. Both were, of course, welcome visitors, if not a little different in shape, size...
  • Blog Post: Late Bloomers

    If you’ve got older brothers or sisters then you’ll understand how it feels when they get to do everything first. They’re the first to ride a bike, first to go to ‘big school’ and first to stay out past 8pm. Imagine how you’ve feel though if they were the first...
  • Blog Post: Safeguard our Sealife

    Last Sunday at Bempton Cliffs we held a joint marine event with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust . Experienced volunteers for both organizations, Angela and Ken Belk, manned the marquee and provided information to interested visitors. We would like to say a huge thank you to both of these dedicated volunteers...
  • Blog Post: Feed the Birds Day is nearly here...

    ... so i just thought you might like a little bit more information about what's going on at the reserve on Saturday the 30th of October. At 11am and 2pm Steve Race, our Community and Education Officer, will lead a guided walk on the reserve. This walk will be centred on 'wild bird food'...