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  • Blog Post: Katharine's last blog!

    Well! This is my last blog on this site, as my time as a residential volunteer monitoring seabirds finishes at the end of this week – and it will be ‘Goodbye from me’ as the old saying goes. So, as a parting shot, I would like to share with you some thoughts on the final stages of the...
  • Media: gannet landing

    Gannet about to land
  • Blog Post: Puffin season is in full swing!

    We are well and truly into puffin season now, and I'm still as excited as a child on Christmas morning every time I see one. Our Puffin Patrols have been full every day and we've had some lovely feedback from the excited visitors that are seeing puffins for the first time. The novelty really...
  • Blog Post: The Birds Are Back In Town

    November will soon be over, Christmas adverts are playing on the television and we’ve already had the first snows of winter, in fact I was lucky enough to have a ‘white birthday’, winter is well and truly upon us. That shouldn’t put you off from visiting Bempton Cliffs though...
  • Blog Post: Winter and Wildfowl

    Greetings from Bempton Cliffs. November is upon us, the nights are drawing in and before you know it will be the New Year. Don’t worry if you haven’t made a trip up to Bempton yet this year though, we have a series of great events planned during the winter months. Every Friday until the 5...
  • Blog Post: Here's what I've been up to...and recent sightings

    Well here I am again back with my second post for the Bempton blog. I’ll fill you in on some recent sightings in just a minute but first I’ll give you an idea of some of the things I’ve been getting up to since starting as an intern here at Bempton. Membership recruitment is an incredibly...
  • Blog Post: Hello and Recent Sightings

    Hi there. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Chris Calow and I’m your brand new visitor experience intern. I’ve taken the reins from Laura and Becky who did a fantastic job over what was an incredibly busy and challenging time for the team here at Bempton. I think it’s safe to...
  • Blog Post: July/August Recent Sightings

    The last couple of weeks have seen a lot of changes here at Bempton! Most of the Puffins have left the cliffs until next year now, although a few have been seen bobbing around on the water over the last few days. Guillemots and Razorbills have continued to leave the cliffs in large numbers, and there...
  • Blog Post: The Bempton Bug Hunt

    Introducing a very special guest writer to the Bempton Cliffs blog. Gracie is officially the youngest volunteer in the RSPB, and has been helping out with running the weekly Bempton Bug Hunts. So without further ado, here she is to tell you all about her experiences! The Bempton Bug Hunt When you...
  • Blog Post: Swallow chicks

    Afternoon, Time for a quick update on our resident swallows. We think the chicks are about 2 weeks old, and there are at least 5 of them in the nest, one of them being quite a lot smaller than the others. Swallow chicks fledge at around 17-24 days old, so they won't be here for that much longer...
  • Blog Post: Seabird Cruise Adventure

    Hello! A few weeks ago, Becky and I were lucky enough to be invited along on one of the Puffin and Gannet Cruises run by the RSPB, and I thought I’d write a post telling you about our mini adventure. After working up at the centre for the morning, we drove into Bridlington and made our way...
  • Blog Post: Recent Sightings

    It has been very exciting here over the last couple of weeks. The birds are well and truly into the breeding season with new chicks appearing every day! Gannet, Kittiwake, Razorbill and lots of Guillemot chicks can be seen from our view points, and we have even had a couple of incredibly rare Puffling...
  • Blog Post: Recent Sightings for May

    Hello there, Fun on the Bank Holiday Weekend We kicked off the month with a bit of a cold wet start to the Bank Holiday Weekend. But once the sun decided to come out, so did our lovely visitors, with Bank Holiday Monday being declared the busiest day in Bempton Cliffs’ history. Although the...
  • Media: Fantastic Day Yesterday 20th May 2015

    Here's a picture taken by someone (me) watching the watcher of the birds. I assume its RSPB staff. My wife and I travelled from Lancashire for a day trip. What a fantastic site. Keep up the good work.
  • Media: Northern Gannets with chick

    14 June 2014
  • Media: Guillemots and chick

    14 June 2014
  • Media: Kittiwake chicks

    14 June 2014
  • Media: Atlantic Puffin on cliffside

    14 June 2014
  • Media: Courting Gannets

    14 June 2014
  • Media: Atlantic Puffin

    03 May 2014
  • Blog Post: Making Jo's day

    How good does it feel to release a puffin back into the wild? The smile on Jo Allen's face probably gives you some idea. The box in the photo (henceforth known as a Puffin not Pet Carrier) contains a puffling that was brought to the reserve yesterday after being found in a garden in the...
  • Blog Post: Halfway to Holland

    The following text was written by and posted on behalf of RSPB Conservation Scientist Dr Guy Anderson. The face of the Yorkshire coast has a nose. A pretty, green, rolling nose edged with magnificent white chalk cliffs. Flamborough Head. This nose has many occupants, and sitting on its tip, I can see...
  • Blog Post: Recent Sightings 22/06/14

    Hello again all, and what a busy weekend it’s shaped up to be at Bempton Cliffs! The week had a very slow start on the interesting sightings front, as the weather was cold, cloudy, and very windy indeed! A single sighting of a whitethroat on Wednesday 18 June was threatening to be our only spot...
  • Media: Kittiwake family

  • Media: flying high