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Blacktoft Sands

Blacktoft Sands
Do you love Blacktoft Sands? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Blog Post: Displaying, singing and nest building

    A lot of displaying seems to be happening all around Blacktoft - from the marsh harriers busy chasing, patroling and doing a bit of skydancing to the little grebes calling and displaying on some of our lagoons. We have been watching two spectacularly marked male marsh harriers busy at work in front...
  • Blog Post: Owls still here and more newcomers

    The long-eared owls that we found on Sunday are still here and offering excellent views for our many visitors this week. This week has also seen a little bit of change with many birds returning to Blacktoft. Most noticeable is the black-headed gulls . Also skylarks have been singing up at Ousefleet...
  • Blog Post: Day 18 of long-eared owls

    They are still here! I have been to Scotland and back since my last blog on the 1st March and these owls appear to have not moved. OK they must go hunting at night but return to roost each day next to our xerox hide - offering close views of these amazing birds. Once you have had a look at the...