Blacktoft Sands

Blacktoft Sands

Blacktoft Sands
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  • Wader numbers pick up a little

    Over the last couple of days the wader numbers and variety seem to have picked up a little being further boosted by the arrival of the first juveniles fresh in from their Northern breeding grounds. With the water levels low on several lagoons this...
  • Landscape frustrations!

    I really really love the idea of landscape scale conservation and mega large areas of habitats that cover 1000's of acres , but at times it can be a little frustrating (in fact painful) with the more moblie species such as the waders! You see over...
  • Waders at Blacktoft Sands late July

    A quick update this weekend. We are now coming towards the end of July and waders are showing well at Blacktoft. The wood sandpiper has been giving excellent close views in front of marshland hide. Other waders include the 20 spotted redshank, plenty...
  • Holding on to the heatwave

    Phew what great weather we're having at the moment and also what a great variety of wildlife to see alongside all the excellent birds . Most notable recent sighting include garganey, osprey yesterday and wood sandpiper again today. There were plenty...
  • Cow pats can be really interesting!

    The other day I was up on the grazing marsh and managed to answer one of my all time wonders of the world - what the heck makes all those little holes in the cow clap out on the saltmarsh! They are about a beak width, so I have wondered if they were...
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