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  • Action from the avocets, marsh harriers and the water vole

    At this time of year, the avocets and marsh harriers steal the show. Head to marshland and ousefleet hide to be entertained by our avocets. Here is a photo of two of our avocets looking at potential nest site on one of the islands on marshland lagoon...
  • Barn owls come out to play!

    Last night the barn owls were really good value up at Ousefleet hide and along side of the reserve, and unlike the past few months hunted and showed themselves well before the light had faded. I even had a nice female sat on the fence just as you come...
  • Peek-a-boo panurus

    Bearded tits (panarus biarmicus) are probably one of our most elusive birds here on the Sands and one of our reedbed specialties. This year it looks as though we may have about 110 to 120 pairs nesting on site which equates out about 10 - 15% of the UK's...
  • A cracking month continues!

    After Mike's excellent blog and Black tern pictures yesterday I thought I wasn't going to have to do a report until the weekend but this mornings birding extravaganza here on the Sands certainly put paid to that thought! Superb is the only...
  • Black Tern visits Blacktoft

    Todays top sighting was the black tern that decided to visit Blacktoft. It turned up late morning and was seen on many lagoons from marshland down to singleton lagoon. Here are a few photos of the black tern at Blacktoft today these first few were taken...
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