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  • Eyes To The Skies

    What a contrast from yesterdays gales, the weather this morning was cool and clear with the resultant rush of visible migration over the reserve as many species made the most of the suitable conditions. Not many thrushes just a couple of redwings and...
  • Waders 'Au Natural'

    Over the last few days there seems to have been a bit of a resurgence in waders on the lagoons alongside the constantly rising numbers of golden plover out on the Apex mudflats . Here's a few snaps of them - I've tried to keep them natural to...
  • Autumn colours Autumn and Winter Birds

    Its been another great week here on the Sands with a good range of species seen including mid week a few sea birds . Although I haven't totted up the bird species count for the year I get the feeling in my that variety wise and quality its shaping...
  • Grey phalarope becomes the years 30th species of wader!

    Stormy weather always get me excited (ornithologically that is) and with easterlies and rain I was hoping that we would get a seabird of two, so as you can imagine I didn't need much excuse to go and have a meeting on the reserve today. A quick flog...
  • Revel in the roost

    The recent high tides have produced one of the best dunlin roost for years here on the lagoons with at least 500 this morning on Xerox looking and sounding pretty spectacular as they wheeled about and crammed around the islands in tight nit groups. A...
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