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  • Spotted fly-snatcher

    The last few days have seen a mix of birds calling in at the reserve with yesterday seeing the elusive Temminck's stint suddenly reappearing on Townend briefly as well as in the morning an obvious inland 'fall' of willow warblers , a spotted...
  • Every days different in August

    Yes August migration is really making every day feel a little different at the moment with the birds moving through at a blistering pace with the help of the continuous Northerlies. Mind you today its an easterly and the tides are rising so you never...
  • Temminck's returns

    Yes the Temminck's stint has bravely returned to the muddy expanse of Townend lagoon where it was happily feeding along with a multitude of other waders including ruff, redshank, snipe, lapwing and at one point right next to a curlew. To see one of...
  • Temminks and Montagu's top the BBQ

    Since the high tides put water onto the site last week the birding has been pretty good with the day of the Big Biochar BBQ being particularly good with the arrival of an adult Temminks stint that stayed for most of the day on Townend lagoon and gave...
  • In a knot about waders?

    Still a reasonable mix of waders about at the moment despite the heavy rain raising our water levels. Ruff numbers have been up to 11 and spotted redshank 23, other counts include 47 redshank , and 250 lapwing , 4 black tailed godwits , 7 green sandpipers...
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