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  • Eastern influence brings sweeping changes

    Amazing isn't it, you go away for a few days to a meeting and the high pressure and tides coupled with a bit of an easterly wind brings in a whole host of new migrants from all over the globe . Mid week there was a red necked phalarope at Ousefleet...
  • Mellow misty mornings, autumn fruitfulness and eruptions!

    Yes it's that time of year again when the mellow mornings start to get the bearded tits erupting. It's been pretty good this last few days especially after the mist has lifted with birds showing from most lagoons and with a party of fifteen at...
  • The marshland is alive with the sound of ping!

    It seems that the bearded tits are now emerging from their moult and making up for all the last month when they have been skulking in the reedbed, This morning there were parties if birds in adult plumage showing well at most lagoons with some flocks...
  • Spotted fly-snatcher

    The last few days have seen a mix of birds calling in at the reserve with yesterday seeing the elusive Temminck's stint suddenly reappearing on Townend briefly as well as in the morning an obvious inland 'fall' of willow warblers , a spotted...
  • Every days different in August

    Yes August migration is really making every day feel a little different at the moment with the birds moving through at a blistering pace with the help of the continuous Northerlies. Mind you today its an easterly and the tides are rising so you never...
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