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Blacktoft Sands

Blacktoft Sands
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  • Koniks stand the test of time

    In November the Konik ponies will have been here at Blacktoft for three whole years though it only seems like yesterday that they quietly slipped of the Horse transport onto Ousefleet just as the light was fading . The idea of them as a natural wetland...
  • Rogues gallery

    Great to see that quite a few people are making the most of the late Indian Summer (or should it be Autumn!) and getting out to take some superb pictures of some great birds on site which I will be using in this blog to show just how good its been, patience...
  • Beardies going bananas

    I don't think I 've ever seen the bearded tits so excited as I did this morning when they were again trying to erupt en mass . Lots of small, medium and large parties were all present in the reedbed at Ousefleet again but one flock of about forty...
  • Eyes To The Skies

    What a contrast from yesterdays gales, the weather this morning was cool and clear with the resultant rush of visible migration over the reserve as many species made the most of the suitable conditions. Not many thrushes just a couple of redwings and...
  • Waders 'Au Natural'

    Over the last few days there seems to have been a bit of a resurgence in waders on the lagoons alongside the constantly rising numbers of golden plover out on the Apex mudflats . Here's a few snaps of them - I've tried to keep them natural to...
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