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  • Holding on to the heatwave

    Phew what great weather we're having at the moment and also what a great variety of wildlife to see alongside all the excellent birds . Most notable recent sighting include garganey, osprey yesterday and wood sandpiper again today. There were plenty...
  • Cow pats can be really interesting!

    The other day I was up on the grazing marsh and managed to answer one of my all time wonders of the world - what the heck makes all those little holes in the cow clap out on the saltmarsh! They are about a beak width, so I have wondered if they were...
  • Migration round up!

    A busy last few days with an excellent weekend despite the rain and murk (always good for making birds stop on site) and now a nice range of waders starting to build up as the water levels balance back out after the heavy rain, lightening hail etc! ...
  • Spoonbill feeding frenzy!

    Yesterday the spoonbills put on a superb show first on Townend and then Marshland lagoon . When I went down to lock up the site at 9pm I slipped down to Marshland just to have a look at what was there and wow what a treat! The spoonbills were feeding...
  • A little bit more Cuckoo

    This time its a super little fat headed juvenile cuckoo though which was sat just in front of Townend hide this morning! Picture's aren't the best as when it was really close by I only had a split second to take a shot and I must have been shaking...
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