Blacktoft Sands

Blacktoft Sands

Blacktoft Sands
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  • Spoonbill pictures

    Unfortunately the spoonbill only stayed about an hour or so this time but at least I managed to get a few pictures and get a few people quickly to the Marshland hide to see the bird. The great white egret was also on Singleton while the Montys seem to...
  • Blacktoft Summer Open Day 2015

    The Blacktoft Summer open day will be on Sunday 16th August 2015!
  • Birding just superbly black and white - Black stork and great white egret!

    Stood in the reception centre yesterday late afternoon with the Wardening team I got a phone call from Matt our Warden, his words were hurried, have you seen the stork flying over?!!! That's when I lost my decorum, said a bit of a swear word and threw...
  • Waders on top form for August but so much more to see

    Wow, the waders are just amazing at the moment with at least 16 species this weekend and some good numbers too with spotted redshank jumping to 25 adults and ruff to 18 with the arrival of the first juveniles. What's so good at the moment are the...
  • Moby dick - great white egret!

    This morning I was attempting to count the little egrets but as it happened I was a little too early for them to all arrive on site from their roost over the river, so a quick look around brought me to Marshland hide where most of the waders had settled...
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