Blacktoft Sands

Blacktoft Sands
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  • Media: Sedge Warbler in full song

    5th June 2011: Singleton Hide, Blacktoft Sands. I was the "guide in the hide" for the Nature's Numbers event, and this Sedge Warbler sang for nearly all of the six hours I sat in Singleton. It delighted many of the visitors, and was in plain view for most of the time.
  • Media: Water Vole

    Photo taken at Blacktoft Sands May 11th 2013 Male, Female and 2 young water voles
  • Media: The Blackheaded-Gull breeding colony

    15 May 2011: Xerox lagoon, Blacktoft Sands. The BH Gull breeding season is in full swing on the Xerox lagoon island. Soon there will be chicks -maybe again, like last year, a food source for the Marsh Harriers? Nature is so cruel, isn't it!
  • Media: Green Shield Bug

    This little fellow joined us for lunch
  • Media: Avocet

  • Media: Marsh Harrier

    Photo taken at Blacktoft Sands May 11th 2013 Lone Male hunting in breezy conditions Taken from the First Hide
  • Media: Avocets, Black-headed Gulls and a Shelduck - study in black & white

    .. and a bit of brown and red! 14 April 2010. From Marshlands Hide.
  • Media: Avocet

  • Media: Tree Sparrow

  • Media: Gulls, Godwits and reflections

    2 July 2011: Marshlands lagoon, Blacktoft Sands. These Black-headed Gulls and Black-tailed Godwits made a pretty picture, as well as giving good size comparisons.
  • Media: Two female Marsh Harriers

    14 April 2010. Just two of the 20 or so Marsh Harriers on the reserve today. Taken from Xerox Hide.
  • Media: Grasshopper Warbler

    6 May 2011. This normally skulking reed bed bird attracted hundreds of visitors -and quite a few photographers! It had been putting on its "show" for more than a week before I had the chance to grab this shot. It was normally between First and Townend hides, no more than 5 yards away from...
  • Media: Little Grebe in Summer Plumage

    Photo taken at Blacktoft Sands May 11th 2013 Feeding in front of Singleton Hide
  • Media: Marsh Harrier

    Photo taken at Blacktoft Sands May 11th 2013 Lone Male hunting in breezy conditions Taken from the First Hide
  • Media: Pied Wagtail

    14 April 2005. Next to the toilet block at Blacktoft!
  • Media: Yellow Wagtail

    Blacktoft Sands 11th May 2013 A distant shot cropped and a little grainy but you get the idea - 2 x Feeding in front of the Xerox Hide
  • Media: Juvenile Water Rail

    2 September 2011: Marshlands lagoon, Blacktoft Sands This young Water Rail spent about 15 minutes out in the open to the right of the new Marshlands hide
  • Media: Common Redshank and Common Snipe feeding

    Early afternoon on the Singleton lagoon on 11th August 2010: most of the many waders appeared to be roosting. Then, suddenly, as if someone gave a signal, they nearly all woke up and started feeding. Here are two each of the many Snipe and Redshank enjoying the food-rich mud!
  • Media: Foraging Wren

    25 June 2011: Blacktoft Sands, Townend Hide This little bird gave brief, but excellent views as it foraged in front of the hide. The two Spoonbills were not so obliging, one of whom was invisible whilst I was there, and the other skulked behind reeds towards the back of the lagoon.
  • Media: Marsh Harrier

    Marsh Harrier making off with an egg (Avocet egg we thought)
  • Media: Ruff - Adult (left) and Juvenile (right)

    Plenty of Ruff amongst the waders at Blacktoft on 11th August 2010. There was a great variation of plumage, causing confusion for some visitors. Here is an adult male in non-breeding plumage and a juvenile (male, I think - correct me if I'm wrong!).
  • Media: Snipe feeding

    This Snipe was one of a group of about 10, feeding in front of Townend Hide. There were probably as many again tucked in out of sight below the bank. Taken on 1st August 2010 - "Wader Sunday"!
  • Media: Black-tailed Godwit bathing

    This is one of the 100+ godwits on Blacktoft lagoons on 11th August 2010. Many of them, such as this individual, on Singleton lagoon, were still in their fine breeding plumage.
  • Media: Roe Deer

    Taken 11th May at Blacktoft Sands A Young Stag and a lone Female sat just to the left of the Xerox Hide Feeding and generally chilled out
  • Media: Black-headed Gulls - adult beats juvenile!

    17 June 2011: Marshlands Hide The adult finally got tired of the juvenile begging from it. I don't know whether the adult wasn't its parent - or if the parent reckoned that the young bird was old enough to look after itself. Anyway, the adult bird had had enough and drove the youngster...