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  • Media: Avocet with chicks

    Following on from Pete's photograph, here's my version. Ever seen an Avocet with 6 legs? This one has 2 youngsters sheltering under it. Taken approx.16:00 22/07/2011 from Townend hide (where there were 2 families with 3 chicks each).
  • Media: A flying avocet

    This shows you the underneath of a flying avocet. Note all white with black wing tips.
  • Media: What a lot of avocets

    A great view of those avocets at marshland lagoon on April 3rd 2013.
  • Media: Avocets, Black-headed Gulls and a Shelduck - study in black & white

    .. and a bit of brown and red! 14 April 2010. From Marshlands Hide.
  • Media: Avocet chick "dancing"

    6 August 2011: Townend lagoon, Blacktoft Sands Looking as if it was dancing, this Avocet chick is flexing its tiny, stubby wings
  • Media: Avocet island

    A photo of one of the islands on marshland lagoon where the avocets nest - those two on the island were trying to take over the whole island. This photo was taken during the last weekend in March.
  • Media: Avocet Family chicks taken on 20 August

  • Media: Avocet chick (Recurvirostra avosetta)

    6 August 2011: Townend lagoon, Blacktoft Sands. It looks as though the three chicks on Townend will survive - unlike most of the other Avocet chicks hatched this year. The parents have been vigorously trying to keep all other birds off the lagoon - even the poor old Mallards! Hopefully, if everything...
  • Media: At the Avocet Event - 3 April 2011

    Proof that "Things Are Happening"! Marshlands Hide. Another pair were starting to excavate a nest scrape on one of the island in the lagoon.
  • Media: Avocet Agression

    During our visit to Blacktoft on 19th May, we observed this unusual behaviour by two avocets on Marshland.
  • Media: A mini avocet

    One of our chicks currently seen on marshland
  • Media: Avocet fends off Marsh Harrier - Blacktoft Sands

    This Avocet was defending three chicks, the Harrier was soon on its way!
  • Media: Avocet

    Again taken from Singleton hide 11/08/2011.Adult Avocet feeding.
  • Media: A bigger chick!

    A little bigger and it looks like this.
  • Media: Avocet

    Taken on Marshlands yesterday
  • Media: Avocet

    Taken @ Blacktoft sands in 2009. Got very lucky this day. I had the hide all to myself & the Avocets were very close.
  • Media: avocets

    Taken today 1st May
  • Media: Avocet - walking on water?

    This bird was one of the 103 that I counted at Marshlands lagoon on 29 April 2011 As Pat Crofton's shot shows (see gallery) our Avocets provide excellent photo opportunities.
  • Media: Avocets mating

  • Media: Avocet

    Avocet from Marshlands hide Nikon D7000 Sigma 50-500mm
  • Media: Avocets have another go

    The avocets on marshland are still trying to raise young on marshland. This one unusally has its parent nearby!
  • Blog Post: Toads and displaying marsh harriers

    This week has seen the return of some of our spectacular smart looking male marsh harriers as they establish their territories about the reserve. They are now present throughout the day - particularly from singleton and first hides. The action will peak over coming weeks as they sort out their boundaries...
  • Blog Post: Long-eared owls are back

    This morning we had a pleasant surpise when we discovered that the long-eared owls were back on those willows by xerox. Xerox is where much of todays activity has been happening with the red-breasted merganser staying for a second day and black-tailed godwits (some of these beginning to show some colour...
  • Blog Post: Fantastic marsh harriers and avocets

    Well the marsh harriers and the avocets have been stealing the show this week. Out of the two, it has to be the marsh harrier that tops it. Watching them from reception has been absolutely amazing. We now have at least 7 birds taking over the territory between xerox and townend. Best viewed from reception...
  • Blog Post: Avocets chicks and food passing harriers

    Our reserve stars are providing an amazing show at the moment from our avocet chicks on marshlands to regular sightings of the bittern down at singleton to the spectacular food passing of our marsh harriers. Here are some photos of some of the action you might see from a visit to Blacktoft: ...