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  • Blog Post: The swarm of harriers at Blacktoft

    During the winter you can get great views of birds of prey, mainly lots of marsh harriers and some hen harriers. At roost time towards dusk they often can be seen flying around together before heading into the reeds for the night. The question I got asked recently was - what is the collective noun for...
  • Blog Post: From large birds to small birds - events to start 2014

    This week sees the start of events in 2014 at Blacktoft Sands. It all kicks off this Thursday with the first of 'Spectacular birds of prey' events. This event will be all about our birds of prey roost that happens in the winter at Blacktoft. In recent days we have been watching up to 20 majestic...
  • Blog Post: Excellent bird of prey roost

    It was a bit windy out there today so a day to enjoy for our birds of prey. We had an early glimpse of the action to come earlier today at 11:50 when for some reason 13 marsh harriers and 1 hen harrier were seen over the reeds at Blacktoft. The main action happened between 3 and 4pm with seven...
  • Blog Post: Mid November at Blacktoft Sands

    This week, the waders and birds of prey have been the main attraction so to make the best of Blacktoft this November stay as late as you can (ideally until it is dark). The waders - a nice selection for November at Blacktoft with 12 black-tailed godwits , up to 27 dunlin, 15 ruff , 10 redshank , 15...
  • Media: Kestrel

    Quite a lot of Kestrels hunting around reserve at the moment. Often seen catching food out the front of First, taking it to its favourite perch to eat followed by a rest in a bush
  • Media: a harrier lapwing connection.

  • Media: Marsh Harrier

    Photo taken at Blacktoft Sands May 11th 2013 Lone Male hunting in breezy conditions Taken from the First Hide
  • Media: marsh harrier over autumn reeds

    A distant shot of a marsh harrier showing the wonderful colours of the reeds at Blacktoft at this time of year.
  • Media: Marsh Harrier on the hunt

    Taken at Ousefleet 13/08/11
  • Media: Marsh Harrier

    Photo taken at Blacktoft Sands May 11th 2013 Lone Male hunting in breezy conditions Taken from the First Hide
  • Media: Marsh Harrier

    Photo taken at Blacktoft Sands May 11th 2013 Lone Male hunting in breezy conditions Taken from the First Hide
  • Media: Our winter visitor - hen harrier

    Here he is our male hen harrier who has been spending this winter in and around Blacktoft Sands. This photo was taken by Rachael Theaker on Saturday 12th February.
  • Media: Marsh Harrier

    Marsh Harrier making off with an egg (Avocet egg we thought)
  • Media: A November marsh harrier

    One of the marsh harriers flying aroung blacktoft today. Taken with a basic camera so did not want to crop this image.
  • Media: Marsh Harrier (m)

    Taken on 1 June in Singleton Hide as the Harrier swooped down on Moorhen chicks Nikon D7000, Sigma 50-500mm
  • Media: Marsh Harrier

    Photo taken at Blacktoft Sands May 11th 2013 Lone Male hunting in breezy conditions Taken from the First Hide
  • Media: Peregrine having a ruff

    Taken on Sunday 10th October. This peregrine went in for the kill at Ousefleet and emerged with what was idenfied by this shot a ruff in its talons.
  • Blog Post: Fun down at singleton hide

    The following is a report of the last three hours of the day and all seen from singleton hide on Sunday 13th February during our bird of prey event. Starting with birds of prey. Another red kite sighting this week - this one flew in along the back of lagoons heading towards the trent. Around 7 marsh...
  • Blog Post: Owls about

    After the harsh winter here at Blacktoft Sands, we thought it would be a long time until we saw a barn owl. Yesterday one was spotted flying through the reserve so the good news is that at least one has survived. Not only we had a barn owl we also had a short-eared owl - see the photos in our gallery...
  • Blog Post: Day 18 of long-eared owls

    They are still here! I have been to Scotland and back since my last blog on the 1st March and these owls appear to have not moved. OK they must go hunting at night but return to roost each day next to our xerox hide - offering close views of these amazing birds. Once you have had a look at the...
  • Blog Post: Birds of prey keep coming

    An excellent week for birds of prey with our young hen harrier joining the marsh harriers at roost time and spending a lot of time flying around together - must think its a marsh harrier! I also was watching a spectacular male hen harrier hunting around the reserve today - at one point directly in front...
  • Blog Post: Wet sunday but still good birds

    Hi, A quick list of what was seen today. Birds of prey - merlin, peregrine, kestrel, sparrowhawk and 12 marsh harriers in the air at once. Waders - still 4 curlew sandpiper, dunlin, redshank, snipe, spotted redshank, golden plover, lapwing. Ducks - lots of shoveler, teal, wigeon etc. Geese...
  • Blog Post: 15 marsh harriers this evening

    15 marsh harriers came into roost this evening with 7000 golden plover behind them. The hen harrier was once again present at roost time along with a merlin. Also today there were 3 spotted redshank up at Ousefleet, a chiffchaff by the feeders and a cettis warbler around singleton. We have now managed...
  • Blog Post: Barn owls, merlins and some harriers

    Well what a nice day to visit the reserve at Blacktoft - the sun on the reeds, some nice birds and a place to escape to in the winter! I only spent the last few hours on the reserve today but I had a barn owl - this time at the marshland box. This along with recent sightings of two down at singleton...
  • Blog Post: The case of the fallow deer

    After first been seen on November 1st - we appear to have a fallow deer living at Blacktoft Sands. It was seen quite a few times during the first week of November but then we have had no records until today (Friday 26th) and then it was only seen very briefly out the front of reception. If anybody has...