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Blacktoft Sands
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  • Media: Avocet Twostep

    Avocets line dancing at Ousefleet
  • Blog Post: Displaying, singing and nest building

    A lot of displaying seems to be happening all around Blacktoft - from the marsh harriers busy chasing, patroling and doing a bit of skydancing to the little grebes calling and displaying on some of our lagoons. We have been watching two spectacularly marked male marsh harriers busy at work in front...
  • Media: Avocet chick (Recurvirostra avosetta)

    6 August 2011: Townend lagoon, Blacktoft Sands. It looks as though the three chicks on Townend will survive - unlike most of the other Avocet chicks hatched this year. The parents have been vigorously trying to keep all other birds off the lagoon - even the poor old Mallards! Hopefully, if everything...
  • Media: At the Avocet Event - 3 April 2011

    Proof that "Things Are Happening"! Marshlands Hide. Another pair were starting to excavate a nest scrape on one of the island in the lagoon.
  • Media: Avocets mating

  • Media: Avocet chick "dancing"

    6 August 2011: Townend lagoon, Blacktoft Sands Looking as if it was dancing, this Avocet chick is flexing its tiny, stubby wings