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  • Media: Spoonbills at dusk

    the blacktoft spoonbills enjoying the evening sunshine photo was taken from the singleton hide.17.7.2011
  • Media: spoonbill in front of first hide

    spoonbill in front of first hide photo was taken 1.8.10
  • Media: spoonbill with grey heron

    spoonbill with grey heron.young spoonbill feeding with young grey heron photo was taken in front of xerox hide 1.8.10
  • Media: spoonbill flying down in front of first hide

    spoonbill flying down in front of first hide.the spoonbill was a juvenille was taken 1.8.10
  • Media: Spoonbill feeding

    19 June 2011: Blacktoft Sands, First Hide In contrast to previous days, when there had been two or three Spoonbills, this bird seemed to be the only bird on the Reserve today. But at least it delighted the many visitors who turned up to the Reserve's Summer Open Day.
  • Media: Spoonbills feeding

    2 July 2011: Townend lagoon The Spoonbills stopped playing "hide and seek" to come out to feed in the open.
  • Media: Spoonbills in flight

    Just a shame I couldn't get them this close on the ground! Taken from Singleton after they had been disturbed by a Marsh Harrier.
  • Media: Spoonbill in flight

  • Media: Four spoonbills together on marshland lagoon

  • Media: Spoonbills

    Photo of the pair of Spoonbills that visited the reserve on June 1st 2010, taken from Singleton Hide at approx 16.00.
  • Media: Kung Fu Spoonbill !!!

    Not a good quality but it amused me
  • Media: Spoonbill: classic pose

    19 June 2011: Blacktoft Sands, First Hide. The bird was actively feeding on First lagoon, but occasionally it paused briefly to give this classic view of its incredible beak.
  • Blog Post: Spotted redshanks and those spoonbills are still here

    Now is the time to see those spotted redshank in stunning breeding plumage - we had 10 today!! Also check out those green sandpipers when you go looking for the spotted redshank at the screen at ousefleet. Marsh harriers are now spending quite a bit of time gliding over the tops of the reeds trying...
  • Blog Post: Sunday Special at Blacktoft

    Todays action includes water rail, young marsh harriers, bearded tits, spoonbills, 12 types of waders and one or two little egrets! Starting at the beginning - water rail. A family of young water rails (adult plus 4 very small young) were seen by many along the edge of townend this afternoon. At a...
  • Blog Post: Spoonbill joins siege of little egrets

    This afternoon a spoonbill flew into our singleton lagoon where currently a siege of little egrets have taken residence during the last few weeks. The spoonbill arrived had a little feed and then went to sleep (what they like doing!) and that is the way I left it at half five this evening. The peak count...
  • Blog Post: Now we have 3 Spoonbills

    What a wonderful Saturday on the reserve. We arrived to find we now have 3 spoonbills feeding on first. They quickly decided it was time for a rest so off they went to their normal sleeping spot on singleton - by that island! They then slept until around 3pm before having a short flight to townend to...
  • Blog Post: Spoonbills, avocets and some waders

    A wide variation of birds to see at Blacktoft right now. From our spoonbills to some young avocets to those spotted redshanks. Lets start with those spoonbills . They are sleeping a lot this week - often at the back of townend. These two have been here for three weeks now. Today they left their sleeping...
  • Blog Post: Spoonbills arrive bang on time!

    This morning there was a single Spoonbill on Singleton which was joined a few minutes after I had entered the hide by a second very young looking bird, probably hatched last year. After so many Spoonies last year when we were spoilt rotten, many people have commented on the fact that they have not being...
  • Blog Post: The harrier and sandpiper saturday

    A quick update on the action at Blacktoft today (Saturday 16th July). Marsh harriers - those young marsh harriers were fooling around all day down at Singleton. Also first chick spotted in bush at the back of First (hopefully see more of these tomorrow!). Sandpipers - Marsh sandpiper present for...
  • Blog Post: Wader Sunday - the results

    161 black-tailed godwits on singleton. Still around 10 spotted redshank present - spending Sunday sleeping on marshland. Around 20 ruff to challenge your identification skills on marshland. Great close views of snipe on townend At least 3 greenshank around - very mobile but xerox best. ...
  • Blog Post: Spotted redshank are back

    Today we arrived on site to find 2 spotted redshank in summer plumage on marshland. This starts us seeing the build up of waders as they return to Blacktoft over the coming weeks and months to take a break before heading on south. Other waders around include greenshank, snipe, avocet, black-tailed...
  • Blog Post: Reserve sizzles hot hot hot as Mexican Bandits appear!

    The sizzling hot weather seems to be good for the birds at the moment! An Osprey flew high over on Friday as it did the week before and almost exactly at the same time! Maybe its going to the Golden Chippy (Shop) in Goole for last dinner time orders, I never knew ospreys were Catholic though? Waders...
  • Blog Post: Spoonbills continue to entertain

    Our two spoonbills are still here and are often seen preening and sleeping on singleton lagoon. Then visiting townend lagoon to feed offering excellent views of them sweeping those bills through the water - often they go round in circles after what they are after. Waders continue to favour marshland...