Broadwater Warren

Broadwater Warren

Broadwater Warren
Do you love our Broadwater Warren nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Would you like to see a Dormouse?

    If you liked the photos in my last blog and would like the chance to see a dormouse and take some photos of your own, why not join us on our Sleepy Dormouse Hunt on Sunday 25 May. Full details are in the list of events on this webpage
  • Wildlife on the reserve doesn't get much better than this

    Spent an hour walking round the reserve this morning in beautiful weather and was treated to singing and displaying Tree Pipits, singing Woodlark, Linnet , two pairs of Marsh Tit, a Grey Wagtail at the Decoy Pond, Siskins in the larches and a number of...
  • My first Woodlark of 2014

    On Monday afternoon, as I walked along the All-ability trail at Broadwater, I heard my first Woodlark of the year. I caught just tiny fragments of the distant song on the breeze, coming from somewhere on the eastern side of the reserve. But the crispness...
  • 30 years a Volunteer

    Today's Broadwater Warren volunteer work party was a special occasion because we presented John Martin with his silver Bittern badge in recognition of 30 years' volunteering with the RSPB. What a fantastic achievement. John started volunteering...
  • Woodlark Singing

    Difficult to believe after all this bad weather, but Woodlark have already started to sing and display on the restored heathland. The beautiful song of the Woodlark returned to Broadwater in 2012 as a result of the heathland restoration programme and...
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