Broadwater Warren

Broadwater Warren

Broadwater Warren
Do you love our Broadwater Warren nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Wildlife on the Warren

    It's been a busy few months at Broadwater in wildlife terms. Out on the open heath we've had the return of nightjars, with up to five breeding territories established this year. Six territories each for the tree pipits and woodlarks have successfully...
  • Dormice doing well, why not come and see them?

    During our May check of the nestboxes at the reserve we found 13 dormice - our best ever result for May in the 5 years we have been contributing data to the National Dormouse Monitoring Scheme. There are still places on our Sleepy Dormouse Hunt this Sunday...
  • Nightjars Are Back at Broadwater Warren

    Our neighbour Andy informed us at the weekend that he had heard Nightjars on the reserve from his porch (lucky him!) so we went down ourselves last night. It was a perfect evening - warm, still and dry - and it wasn't long before we heard our first...
  • Brimstones and Bluebells

    I went along to Broadwater yesterday to do some measuring up (an essential skill wardens need to have - mastering a 50 metre tape) and ended up by the Decoy Pond. What a transformation from the winter! The bluebells line the pond fringe and carpet...
  • Would you like to see a Dormouse?

    If you liked the photos in my last blog and would like the chance to see a dormouse and take some photos of your own, why not join us on our Sleepy Dormouse Hunt on Sunday 25 May. Full details are in the list of events on this webpage
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