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Campfield Marsh

Campfield Marsh
Do you love our Campfield Marsh nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Blog Post: It must be Summer! Photo-highlights of July 2013

    2nd July A dull and mostly wet day but still quite warm. Tawny Owl - early evening. Watching for voles and insects from a perch in sycamore tree in the hamlet. First sighting of Shelduck and seven ducklings exploring the mudflats. A number of Grey Heron had been frequenting the wetland...
  • Blog Post: Introductions all round - 27th August 2013

    Having been on our ramble across the Moss, we returned to the hide, where we had intended to rest for a while before completing the trek back home. The door was open and we found John Howard (wildlife photographer from Hawick) already well ensconced with his bins, tripod, camera and long lens; waiting...