Campfield Marsh

Campfield Marsh

Campfield Marsh
Do you love our Campfield Marsh nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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Signs of Spring - Campfield Marsh RSPB Reserve 3rd April 2010

It was taken from one of the screens overlooking a pool on the lonning and shows Willow catkins and Yellow...
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A painting of the Solway Estuary by John Rogers

This view is from Campfield Marsh Reserve looking north across the Solway towards Criffel
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Improved field boundary on North Plain Farm

David, Stephen and the weekly work party have laid an old hedge and drawn back this ditch to improve...
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Male Reed Bunting

Watch out for Reed Buntings down the lonning. A pair were seen yesterday near the hide
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The Raised Moss in Winter by John Rogers

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This is an acrylic painting depicting the raised moss part of the Reserve with pathway (now a boardwalk...
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Autumn on the Moss, Campfield Reserve by John Rogers

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Acrylic painting showing the moss with the colours of Autumn - deep purples and umbers ... a time when...
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Barnacles grazing on the South Solway Marshes

This pic is of the Barnacles - bit of a speciality of the Solway. These little geese centre mostly on...
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Pinks and Barnacles in flight, North Plain Farm 21 Feb 2010

Large mixed flock of geese seen from hide overlooking flooded grassland. Whereas, currently, they are...
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Mixed flock of Pinks and Barnacles over rushy meadow, North Plain, 13th Feb 2010

This peacefully grazing flock, seen in front of the hide, was disturbed by the sound of a nearby light...
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Barnacles and Pinks feeding together, North Plain farm , 27th Jan 2010

There had been a slight thaw in the cold spell. Both Barnacles and Pinks were feeding amicably amongst...
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Whoopers resting on pool at North Plain, 17th March 2010

A group of these swans had come in overnight and spent the next morning on this pool at North Plain Farm...
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Whoopers in flight, North Plain 21st March 2010

Having spent the night on this pool on Campfield Marsh RSPB Reserve, the calm of early morning gave way...
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