Campfield Marsh

Campfield Marsh
Do you love our Campfield Marsh nature reserve? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Media: Signs of Spring - Campfield Marsh RSPB Reserve 3rd April 2010

    It was taken from one of the screens overlooking a pool on the lonning and shows Willow catkins and Yellow Flag Iris shoots emerging from the water. Both signs of Spring
  • Blog Post: A new duck in town

    While checking how many wintering ducks were still present on the reserve (a couple of pintail and small numbers of shoveler, teal, wigeon and mallard) I noticed a broad white stripe poking out of the vegetation. Closer inspection revealed a cracking drake garganey in all his splendour accompanied by...
  • Blog Post: 2nd August 2010. Anything could happen…..

    …sort of a day. It was warm, when the sun came out it was really hot – but across the estuary big black clouds were looming. No wind. So we set out for the Reserve, ready for anything! The Common Hawker was our first encounter as we walked down the track passed the farm. We were buzzed...
  • Blog Post: A tale of two seasons

    While we still have over 30 whooper swans on the reserve and large numbers of geese still in the area these have now been joined by birds such as sand martins, chiff-chaffs and wheatears. Always a special time when summer birds start to arrive.
  • Blog Post: Cardurnock, the Island of Birds - 11th September, 2010

    The last few days have been very warm and windless; rain at nights creating high humidity and the tides have entered into a high phase. One could feel a sense of the pulse of the estuary stepping up - it would culminate at the weekend with a particularly high one. Being Saturday, of course, this would...
  • Blog Post: Spring feels as if it has arrived today

    Today is the first decent day of Spring that we've had on the Solway - everything looks fine! Saw two or three small flocks of Barnacles flying along the tideline this morning. What a glorious sight! These beautiful black and white geese won't...
  • Blog Post: spoonbills

    The two spoonbills that flew in last night were still present this morning elegantly sweeping their oversized beaks from side to side as they feed on the saltmarsh pool. I'm sure John and Judith will be adding photo's of these striking birds at some time so watch this space. Also on the pool...