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Carsington Water
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  • Carsington Water

    Volunteering at the RSPB shop at Carsington Water

    One of our regular volunteers, Paul Newcombe, gives an inside view on what it is like to volunteer at the RSPB shop: When I decided that I wanted to give some time to the RSPB to help with their conservation work, I didn’t really expect to work...
  • Don't miss out!

    Offer on bird food extended

    Just thought you might like to know that the offer of 20% off our 12.75kg sacks of RSPB bird food has been extended for one day. It now ends tomorrow - Wednesday 6 November! If you need to stock up before the winter, now is the time to do it. Hope...
  • Carsington Water

    Osprey alert!

    Dan, the Head Ranger for Severn Trent Water, has just popped into the shop to say that an osprey has been seen circling above the Wildlife Centre here at Carsington Water! Exciting news!
  • Carsington Water

    Would you like to join our team?

    The RSPB shop at Carsington Water is looking to expand our team of dedicated retail volunteers to give more support in the shop throughout the week. You'll ensure that all visitors to the shop have a pleasurable and interesting time! We need you...
  • Carsington Water

    Get my drift?

    Carsington Water is usually quite windy, as many of our regular visitors will know! When this is combined with snow, it makes huge drifts and that means it's another snow day for the RSPB staff and volunteers from the shop. The Severn Trent Rangers...
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