The last week has been great for our star birds with

  • lots of pied flycatchers and redstart along the Valley Woodland and Woodcock trails


  • the odd spotted flycatcher (nice view from a visitor in the area around the first bridge over the brook),
  • lesser whitethroat and whitethroat around the Meadow Meander and Valley View Point
  • cuckoo along the Woodcock Trail
  • willow tit singing around Clough Meadow
  • great spotted woodpecker nesting right next to the first bridge over the brook - great for photographs
  • loads of garden warbler and blackcap in the hedges in the upper part of the main trail (scrubby and plantation areas)

If you've struggled to see a pied flycatcher, one is now resident in a nest box that we've 'signposted' for you.  We've set up a 'Pied Flycatcher trail' to take you there.  Remember, that by the end of June it will be difficult to see them, so time to get your skates on if you're keen.