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Crook of Baldoon

Crook of Baldoon
Do you love our Crook of Baldoon nature reserve or the Wigtown ospreys? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!

Crook of Baldoon

Crook update

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It was our monthly wetland bird’s survey yesterday and have a few bits that might be of interest Wigeon over 2000, Pintails 42, Whoopers 8, Curlew 206, and with the spectacle of their flight 1300+ Golden Plover.

There were others but then it becomes a list. 

Re-wetting of the Crook.

Since the Book Festival (thanks to those that came along and introduced themselves) I have been busy with Eric and his big digger from Mersehead

















Over the past months this has involved talking to SEPA and others for permissions and then drawing up and the collection of data to give us a best guess as to what is going on under the soil surface. Also the digging of test pits to see the soil profile and establish the make up of the soil which is clay overlying blue clay and so finally work has started.

We have been putting in and taking out the bits of infrastructure to re-wet the 29 hectares at the top of the Crook.



 The pictures above are of the water controls that have been installed, the pipe and elbow can be turned through 90 degrees to retain varying amounts of water therefore raising the water table to around 300mm below the soil surface of the site over a longer period this will be attractive to the wintering waterfowl and in the spring nesting waders.

In several places we have removed drainage to increase the retention of water across the site. The pictures below show pools of water that are being retained by this process that should form good feeding sites for the lapwing chicks this coming spring.


 We still have a day or so to go until we are finished the initial work but all the signs so far seem to be positive.  

  • Golly, you do work so hard ! Thank you (on behalf of all birds everywhere)

    and concerning the  monthly wetland bird’s survey with  Wigeon over 2000, Pintails 42, Whoopers 8, Curlew 206, and with the spectacle of their flight 1300+ Golden Plover ..... what can I say   OUTSTANDING . So wish I could have seen them

  • Good Evening

    The road has been started  on and compaired to before it is a motorway but only with care.

    It is thanks to Bill as a local making all the differance when complaining to the councill as the three time i  phoned from the RSPB the matter died.

    so hope to see you at the Crook soon


  • Thanks, Paul, great progress.  Good to have the digger on and then off site before the road pothole work by the council, too.  Any sign of that happening yet?

  • Thanks  Paul  for  explaining  the  progress   taken  place   at    Baldoon,  also  photos  of  the  work,    great  to  be  in  at  the  beginning  of  a  reserve.         Very  good  idea.    

    Thanks  Brian.       Gentalis.