Explore the wonders of Galloway

Crook of Baldoon

Crook of Baldoon
Do you love our Crook of Baldoon nature reserve or the Wigtown ospreys? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!

Crook of Baldoon

Explore the wonders of Galloway

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Your chance to get the inside story on two of our local reserves, Wood of Cree and Crook of Baldoon. 

Join Paul Tarling on a guided walk about Woodland Pasture at Wood of Cree from 10 till 12; followed by a Walk on the Wild Side exploring the Crook of Baldoon from 2 till 4.  Phone Paul on 01988 402130 for further information about meeting points and to book a place on either of the walks, or both!

  • Hi  Paul.

                  I  hope  te  weather  improves  for  you.   I  am  going  to  try  to  get  to  the  Beachcomber Walk  on  Wednesday 04/07/2012  New England Bay,  i  will  pack  my  sun glasses  just  in  case.

  • Good morning Gentalis both events are on the 6th this friday sorry for the over sight


  • Hi  Alexa.

                   Is  there  a  date  for  the  events.