Crook of Baldoon

Crook of Baldoon

Crook of Baldoon
Do you love our Crook of Baldoon nature reserve or the Wigtown ospreys? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
Latest blog posts
  • Who needs Autumnwatch?

    Autumnwatch was, as usual, a fantastic showcase for RSPB reserves and the work that we do but did you watch it? I didn’t, at least not live and the reason for that was that my wife and I decided to have a holiday that week and to take in the...
  • Walk on the Wildside

    It is that time again Autumn is here marking the transition from Summer to Winter, deciduous trees shedding leaves offering a spectacle of colours and wintering birds coming in by the numbers. The remnants of hurricane Gonzalo have been and gone and...
  • What have we been up to

    On National Moth Night we have organised a ‘Moth and Bat Night’ during which Paul the warden for the Crook led a walk at the reserve discussing moths, echolocation and the importance of bats to our natural habitats. The night started by setting up...
  • Bird Sightings

    Four Buzzards and a Peregrine spotted from the Visitor Centre today.
  • Road Signs for the Crook

    We are pleased to announce that the road signs for the Crook of Baldoon are finally up.