Crook of Baldoon

Crook of Baldoon
Do you love our Crook of Baldoon nature reserve or the Wigtown ospreys? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Blog Post: Who needs Autumnwatch?

    Autumnwatch was, as usual, a fantastic showcase for RSPB reserves and the work that we do but did you watch it? I didn’t, at least not live and the reason for that was that my wife and I decided to have a holiday that week and to take in the wildlife sights where I usually work. Not so much...
  • Blog Post: What have we been up to

    On National Moth Night we have organised a ‘Moth and Bat Night’ during which Paul the warden for the Crook led a walk at the reserve discussing moths, echolocation and the importance of bats to our natural habitats. The night started by setting up a moth trap after which we got our bat detectors...
  • Blog Post: Where have all the ospreys gone?

    We waited with great enthusiasm for the return of our ospreys this year in the hope that they would nest and that we would have some great views from our camera of the next generation being born. Nature being what it is, things didn’t turn out quite as we had planned and although the Male arrived...
  • Blog Post: Glasgow local group visit the Crook

    We were very pleased to welcome the the RSPB's Glasgow local Group to the Crook on the 24th as part of the thier weekend away visiting the reserves in Dumfries and Galloway . some of thier list were dunlin, ringed plover, lapwing, shelduck, linnet, skylark, reed bunting, rock pipit, medow pipit...
  • Forum Thread: Whats about 3rd Oct 2013

    Well the Gloden Plover are about circur 1800 with 17 Pale Bellied Brent loads of Curlew, Lapwing, Redshank and a few Snipe. we are keeping a look out for Glossey Ibis as they seem to be moving around the Solway.
  • Media: Reed Bunting.

    Small Flock of Reed Bunting with Skylark, feeding on the path, in the snow.
  • Media: Wren

    If you see a small bird, with a high pitched call, searching for what it likes, Spiders. look for this, a Wren.
  • Forum Reply: Re: Ospreys

    Has there been any word at all about the Wigtown ospreys?
  • Media: Crook under water

    An unusual view from the embankment near the Crook car park. A high tide of 7.4m on 27 October completely inundates the merse. The distant grassy line in the water marks the outer edge of the merse, where the ground level drops a metre or more to the lower saltmarsh. The occasion was one of Paul Tarling’s...
  • Media: Local Brent geese

    A group of about 20 pale-bellied Brent Geese seems to be liking Wigtown Bay rather than Loch Ryan. They’ve been around the south end of the Crook and have recently been seen feeding at Garlieston Bay. I need to get fairly close to snap them with my digital Brownie so most views are of their back...
  • Media: Red tailed bumblebee on thrift

    At the weekend I managed to get a close up of a red tailed bumblebee of a thrift plant down on the Crook of Baldoon it took some time and it is not a professional shoot but I am proud of it.
  • Media: Spot the difference

    28th July, This little fellow was sat most of the day on the lip of the box and overnight disappeared. It was the only chick to fledge form the second brood for this box. I think its partner may of been predated by the female woodpecker a couple of days earlier. Both clutches of eggs in this box had...
  • Media: Pied Wagtail.

    Two of these near the carpark.
  • Media: Ice Crystal Halo

    About 3:30 this afternoon on the Crook I took this picture of a ice crystal halo first time I have been able to get a picture of this natural event. Just shows how cold it was today
  • Media: Volunteers help out on the Reserve

    Graham and Peter installing a new kissing gate
  • Media: Short Eard Owl on the Crook of Baldoon

  • Media: Sandwich Tern.

    Crook of Baldoon, from April onwards, they are usually seen out on the Bay at high tide, diving for fish, but sometimes when it is a high spring tide, you may see one on a rock
  • Media: Not only birds, but also ...

    Fewer birds now but the Crook has other interesting creatures. Peacock butterflies are reported to be more widespread in Scotland in recent years, but my BBCounts in July found none and few were seen elsewhere in D&G. So nice yesterday to see four – almost certainly this year’s offspring...
  • Media: Lapwings at the Crook of Baldoon

    Photo: Paul Tarling
  • Media: Merlin

    This was way out on the merse, sorry its not easy to make out, i had to confirm it was a merlin by using my telescope, it was hunting low then returning to this branch, lots of Skylark trying to pair up and pipits, in the location.
  • Media: Summer Plumage Dunlin

    Seen on the Crook of Baldoon, mainly in winter, spring can also be good, flocks can be seen flying on the merse edge. nice to see one in summer plumage
  • Media: Thrift at the Crook of Baldoon, photo Paul Tarling

    General view across the salt marsh with the pink haze of Thrift, which is present on the lower to medium salt marsh or merse, with the Galloway Hills behind.
  • Blog Post: Glaucous Gull

    The Glaucous Gull is still present on the Crook.
  • Blog Post: No sign of HJ

    After the excitment of last Tuesday, we have not seen any sign of HJ or indeed EP visiting the nest. The local ravens have been regularly hanging about the nest, and have taken to removing all the twigs that were brought in by the ospreys last week. We'll just have to keep our fingers crossed for...
  • Blog Post: Marvellous Moths!

    Saturday 29th June @ the Crook of Baldoon nature reserve is the place to be to discover the beauty of moths that frequent our gardens under cover of darkness. Drop in to the big barn at the Crook to meet the moths that have been caught overnight in a local garden. Learn ways to attract moths to your...