June, 2012

Old Moor & Dearne Valley

Old Moor & Dearne Valley
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Dearne Valley

  • Bittern Olympics - Re-Run Of The Race!!

    For those who couldn't see the clip which I described in the previous 'Bittern Olympics!!' blog, let's try this link....  (RSPB Old Moor is now on Youtube!!).......

    Hope that helps you enjoy it!


  • Bittern Olympics!!

    Our Reedbed camera traps have been producing magic for us again - and via the wonders of technology, we can share it with you!!....

    We have a few motion-activated cameras around the reed beds so that we can learn where about in the reeds the birds are feeding and catch them to see whether they are all ok. We have only had one sighting of three juveniles, by our wardens, but a few photos to supplement this have reassured us that they seem to be growing well.

    But now we have this.... with the magic of the buttons switched to 'record' and not just 'photo'!.... (Fingers crossed this works!....)

    Click here to play this video

    Kate and Dave, our wardens, believe that this is footage of two of the juveniles. They have characteristic pale throats, which seem to stand out here. There was also something about a yellow iris, instead of brown?.... How can they tell?!  :-D  We also think that the birds running together shows that they are young (adults would be more unsure of each other if they met) and they are probably running over to mum for food. They seem to be up to Olympic standards when the offer of dinner is made!! 

    We have also got some footage of the juveniles making stabs in the water and catching prey sometimes, which seems to show that they are also learning to fend for themselves.  This is no doubt contributing to them growing at a fair old speed.

    So, with the marvels of technology, we are able to get views of the bittern family which are teaching us more about how and where they are living their lives at Old Moor. As a 'first' for us, this is really useful for our learning, but along the way it is showing us all inspiring footage that reminds us why the work we are doing to conserve of a species is so crucial. Who wouldn't want to be without these strange, brown, characterful herons in our country?!  


  • When Is Summer Coming ... Did Anyone Remember To Order One ?

    Hello readers ;-)

    Is the hosepipe ban still on does anyone know ??

    Sparsity once more, in the Sacred A4 today friends ..

    Today's sightings come from Titchers, our resident Geordieculturalist   ;-)

    Following a short translation I can now bring you the news in English ..

    Why aye man !!

    All from Old Moor today ...

    Reported from the Wader Scrape were 3 black-tailed godwits, a green sandpiper, a ringed plover, 7 pochards (6m + 1f), 7 teals (6m + 1f), common terns, a garganey and a Mediterranean gull ..

    The currently resident reed warbler is currently resident on Green Lane just after the Field Pool West Hide on the RHS of the path ...

    A water vole was seen along with 'volelets' next to one of the Wildlife Ponds ... Nice !!

    A final report was of a grey wagtail which was seen next to the Trans-Pennine Trail .. You can normally catch up with these if you walk upstream along the river starting from the Cormorant Hide on Bolton Ings and then heading towards the footbridge ..  

    So there you have it for today friends .. All done ..

    Tonight I am off to seek nightjars with my mate Tree Sparrow !!  Cool !!

    Nightjarage eh ? .. Best remember a torch !!

    Holiday for me tomorrow so it could well be that the sightings will be missing if I don't manage to return home in time to ring up for them ..

    I guess you could always make something up though ...

    Add them as comments on the end of this post if you like !!   :-)

    No swearing though because my Mum reads this !!!

    Have a great evening everyone :-)

    Bert xxx