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Old Moor & Dearne Valley
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Dearne Valley

  • 'After work' sort of sightings...

    Hello, I wasn't back from work in time to ring up today so the sightings are gleaned from where I can find them. Please do add anything else you saw via a comment below.

    Thanks go to the Barnsley Birders via twitter for the following sightings;

    Wath Ings - a curlew sandpiper, a ruff, 8 black tailed godwits this morning. The curlew sandpiper was still there about an hour ago.

    Wombwell Ings about 5 hours ago - 9 little egrets, 11 black tailed godwits, 3 ruff, 2 ringed plover and a greenshank. Just in, a whinchat at the east end of Wombwell.

    About 3 hours ago there was a juv scaup and a peregrine on Broomhill.

    There was a marsh harrier seen at Old Moor about 3 hours ago.

    There were 2 ruff on Edderthorpe.


    It's been a great few days for seeing a marsh harrier. I had great views at the weekend from the Wader Scrape and Wath Ings.

    Sharon Worrall sent me these two photos. She told of how the harrier had caught a moorhen for dinner and was enjoying it and all that....then along came the cows to disturb it! If you click on the bottom photo and zoom in you can really see the marsh harrier carrying its prey. Thank you Sharon. :) 

    Keith Webster took a photo of a peregrine flying by on the Wader Scrape at the weekend. Thank you Keith :) 

    Ian Butler took a pic of a lovely little wren in the garden. Thanks Ian :) 

    Ian Thompson took this photo ... I'm afraid warblers are not my strongest point... I shall call it a 'willowchiffreed' warbler and hope somebody puts me right very soon!

    Just a reminder that from tomorrow the path to the bittern hide will be closed for a few days due to maintenance work - as per Liane's blog form a few days ago.

    Finally for today from me... a photo of my favourite heron on Wath Ings :) 

    In answer to a recent question about photos. I'll reiterate the wishes of our warden Dave as per a blog a while ago. Please feel free to post any photos from wherever and whenever. If they were not taken at Old Moor then please indicate that in your posting.... thanks very much!

    Finally, finally.... our flickr page has many wonderful photos, do have a look and enjoy.

  • Peaceful day...

    Hello, me again, I've been at Old Moor for most of the day and it's been lovely. It's felt very peaceful despite many happenings around the reserve. It's also been lovely to chat to so many people, just proving once again how friendly everyone is at Old Moor!

    So to the sightings from today from a full book and me.

    Wath Ings - 4 ruff, 17 snipe (12 this aft counted by Rich T), 3 green sandpipers and 2 common sandpipers flying this afternoon, 11 black tailed godwits, a greenshank, 15 little egrets early this morning, 5 grey herons that I saw, a green woodpecker was heard calling many times, 2 curlew sandpipers, a large number of lapwing and again from Rich T this aft who counted them, 82 golden plover. A kingfisher landed briefly to the left of the hide and there were great views from the left of the hide of the marsh harrier on the main mere.

    Photos are from me today.

    A kingfisher on Wath Ings.

    A view of the marsh harrier from Wath Ings, later this afternoon it caught and demolished what appeared to be a moorhen. Here it was being harrassed by the lapwing, crows and magpies.

    The 'entertainer' heron was around today on Wath Ings but stubbornly refused to catch a fish while I was watching. It posed quite a lot, preened, looked lovely, posed as if it were about to catch a fish and then squawked as it flew off.

    Fab to watch :) 

    Main Mere/Wader Scrape - a marsh harrier, a wheatear that came quite close to the hide, lapwing, snipe and many cormorants both flying and resting on one of the islands. There were 2 ringed plover, 28 wigeon, 52 shovelor, about 320 gadwall and a flock of about 60 linnets.

    The cattle lay down, were calm, munched grass, watched and looked as though 'butter wouldn't melt.'.....!

    Of 'no fixed abode' today were a great spotted woodpecker, 2 jays, chiffchaff, whitethroat, willow warbler, blackcap and a green woodpecker - 2 green woodpeckers were also seen on the verge of the road in. 

    Bird garden - the usual suspects and 2 willow tits. About 30 tree sparrows were around the tree sparrow farm.

    'Going south' between 9am and11am were - about 180 meadow pipits, 3 skylarks, 2 yellow wagtails and 30 swallows.

    A wren was also seen on the fence under the veranda.

    Bittern hide - a weasel, kingfishers, little egrets, a kestrel, a grey heron and cormorants.

    Reedbed screen - kingfishers and mute swans.

    Reedbed hide - little grebe, shovelors, 5 little egrets, a grey heron, kingfishers - one fished on the post at the far end of the water here. The marsh harrier also sat on the same posts for about 20 mins this afternoon.

    Here's a weasel seen running across the path from the bittern hide.

    A bank vole was seen and photographed near the garden hide, it's a very cute pic that we may well get to see!

    Phew... think that's it, I don't think I've missed anything and if you saw anything else then please to add your sightings below.

    Tea time:) 

  • Notice of temporary path closure - RSPB Old Moor


    On Tuesday 16th September the footpath to the new Bittern Hide will be closed for a few days.


    This is because our recent accessibility audit and visitor feedback has raised the issue of the path surface causing difficulties for wheelchair, mobility scooters, and pushchair users.


    The path is going to be re-surfaced which we hope will give more accessibility to the hide.


    The aim is to do this work while the weather is good and to re-open the path by Saturday 20th September.


    We apologise for any inconvenience caused while this work is being carried out.