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Old Moor & Dearne Valley
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Dearne Valley

  • Easter Sunday 2014 - the sightings...

    Hello, we hope you are having a great Easter weekend!

    Here are the sightings from this Easter Sunday at Old Moor from the book.

    The bird garden - all the usual suspects + a yellowhammer. A yellowhammer was also seen from the car park feeders. A hare was seen in the garden from the visitor centre....a sort of, but not, Easter bunny :)

    Field Pool West - 5 redshank and a snipe were seen. 

    The Mere - we had a visit from an arctic tern today, it left at 9.50am so mebbe not many people got to see it, if you and have a pic, we'd love to see it! There was also a swift seen over the Mere today.

    Family Hide - a coot with a chick were seen.

    No fixed abode... - 2 avocets.

    On Bolton Ings there were sightings of a pink footed goose and an orange tip butterfly.

    On Wombwell Ings there were sightings of 6 little ringed plover, 2 redshank, 3 grey herons, a lapwing, a swallow and 2 skylarks.

    That's it for today unless you know of other sightings... if so, then please let us know.

    Over the last few days the bittern has been heard booming across the reserve, often frequently throughout the day. So the photos today are bitterns from last year.

    From Dale..

    From Paul P - 2 of them! 

    From Ian Butler - a juvenile.

    Have a lovely evening... 

  • The sightings - 19th April

    Hello and Happy Easter everyone! It's been a busy day at OM today with many families and enthusiastic children doing really well with their spotter sheets which was great to see... :) 

    The sightings from today... 

    In the bird garden there were sightings of m/f bullfinches, m/f chaffinches, blue tits, great tits, stock doves, a male pheasant, goldfinches, a tree sparrow and a robin.

    All over the reserve today the bittern could be heard booming, in the few hours I was there it was very frequent and often 3/4 booms per 'booming session.' Many people were on the reedbeds path hoping to see it in flight.... in the book there was a sighting at 1.45pm!

    Reedbeds sightings - 2 gadwall, 2 grey herons, a ringed plover, 4 greylag geese, 2 oystercatchers, a green woodpecker and a common sandpiper.

    A blackcap and a willow warbler were seen along Green Lane, I also saw 2 swallows and sand martins zooming aorund.

    A cuckoo was heard from Wath Ings and from there we had sightings of little grebes, shovelor, a wigeon, 2 redshanks, lapwing, black headed gulls, gadwall, mute swans and mallards.

    A cormorant was seen from the Wader Scrape and a yellowhammer was spotted in the tree sparrow farm.

    On Wombwell Ings there were sightings of 3 yellow wagtails, a swift, a little ringed plover, a greenshank and a redshank.

    On to a few photos... first a trio of willow warbler no particular order as the saying goes!

    Number one from Di.

    Number 2 from Keith Webster.

    Number 3 from Mike Squires.

    Thank you all, very lovely to see.

    From Dale, again lovely to see, a bank vole :) 

    From Ian Butler, a fab macro of a zebra spider with a meal! ...look away Melonie :) 

    From Andrew, a gorgeous photo of a brimstone butterfly in a still moment, thank you Andrew.

    From Jason Rdige, beautiful photo of the OM cowslips, thank you Jason.

    From me...a view of the new/old hide, it's coming along nicely.

    From Kev Woodcock, a fab pic of a yellowhammer from the garden hide.

    From Marc Stacey, a chiffchaff, thanks Marc! 

    Finally for today, thanks go to Kevin Wakelam for a lovely redshank photo.

    Enjoy your Easter... we're open tomorrow for an delicious Easter Sunday lunch in the cafe to go with everything else OM offers!

  • Sightings - Thursday 17th April

    Brrr!  It's a bit chillier today but nevertheless we still had plenty of visitors on site and many children had their first taste of birdwatching in the Family Hide with our fantastic volunteers Chris and Bob.

    So, what was around for them to see?

    Well the bittern was booming and seen flying over the reedbeds.  Flying through were seen 4 oystercatchers, 2 and then 5 dunlin.  Over the Mere were 6 female goosander, a common sandpiper, and an adult and a first summer Med Gull.

    From the Waderscrape Hide 2 avocets, 2 shelducks, 18 black tailed godwit and a large number of house martins and sand martins.  At the family hide 2 common sandpipers turned out for the children to see.

    In unspecified locations other birds seen were 4 oystercatchers, a total of 9 dunlin, 4 female sand martins, 5 swallows, a mail blackcap, a male whitethroat, and a male sedge warbler.

    At Wombwell Ings 3 little ringed plover, a female wheatear and 5 house martins were seen whilst on the Field Pools 3 redshank were spotted.

    Away from the hides Grandad's Garden hosted a tree bumblebee, primroses and cowslips accompanied by the song of a wren.  Chiffchaffs and bullfinches were seen on the carpark feeders, a willow warbler warbled on Green Lane and a song thrush sang by the farmhouse.

    That's the lot for today but I've heard a rumour that there may be a large bunny laying out a trail around the reserve tonight - wonder if he'll make it into the diary tomorrow....