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  • Edited - The day the dragons flew and that tongues started to wag!

    Hello, 'What a title!'... I can hear you say!... or... 'Eh? What's she on about?!'

    All I shall say is that all will become clear. :)

    The sightings are pretty much as for yesterday so apologies for not typing it all out again, instead there are a few highlights that were highlights for many of our visitors today.

    The spotted redshanks were still at OM today. There were 7 of them on Wath Ings along with 11 black tailed godwits and 3 ruff. A marsh harrier flew over the reedbeds this morning and was then seen over Bolton later on.

    Many kingfisher sightings again although maybe they have changed where they fish. I had many sightings of them on the posts on the water behind the reedbed screen. 

    So, to the title.... Today has been amazing for dragonflies, a few people mentioned that there were 'quite a few' around. We think there must have been at least 20 hawkers - migrant, southern and brown - flying around the path near the Wader Scrape. It was quite wonderful to just stand on the path and be among so many flying dragonflies... some of them landed, some of them didn't. No matter, it was wonderful!

    Here's a male migrant hawker that landed.

    And so to the rest of the title.

    Our heron on Wath Ings... the one that's very territorial, likes to pose, catch large fish and moorhens, wipes it's beak on a post and lies face down to snooze...

    Today it showed us it's tongue. I have to say I have never thought about the tongue of a heron, ever.... When I saw this pic on my camera I thought for a moment it was regurgitating a fish...but no, it was showing us it's tongue, quite fascinating!

    What's next from this heron I wonder?!

    The music going round in my head for this heron is 'The Entertainer,' by Scott Joplin.

    That's it from today.... a friend has wonderful pics of the spotted redshanks and a juv green woodpecker that was on the verge as we left OM this eve. They will be added later, watch this space as the saying goes.

    It's now Monday and as promised, a few more photos!

    From Claire Wright, two photos of the spotted redshanks on Wath Ings yesterday and then a third photo of the juv  green woodpecker on the verge as we drove out of Om yesterday. If you look closely at the woodie you might just see it's tongue! 

    Russ Cawthorne had a wonderful few moments taking photos of a kingfisher at the reedbed screen last week. It was waiting for him on a post as he arrived and then decided to stay a while! Great pics Russ, the colours are wonderful!... and thank you for emailing them :) 

  • Sightings from today at Old Moor...

    Hello, here are the sightings from today.

    Wath Ings - 7 spotted redshank, 6-8 black tailed godwits (depending on the time of day you were there), 3 ruff including 2 juvs, a greenshank, 2 green sandpipers, 2 snipe, greylag geese, a juv peregrine, dunlin, a large flock of lapwing, teal, shovelor, mute swans, a little grebe, coots, moorhens, mallards and 3 grey herons including our favourite young one who chased off any other heron that landed!

    From Dale, the young heron, thank you Dale.

    Wombwell Ings - 4 little egrets, a wheatear, 4 greenshank, 3-4 dunlin, a female redstart and yellow wagtails.

    Bird Garden - all the usual suspects of late.

    Field Pool West -  a kingfisher, a green woodpecker, a kestrel, mute swans, a moorhen with 2 very young chicks, mute swans, a grey heron and a cormorant.

    A peregrine was seen on the pylon.

    Green Lane - a weasel was seen and a chiff-chaff was heard.

    Bittern hide - kingfishers and a little egret.

    Reedbed screen - kingfishers.

    That's it for today from the book.

    Here are a few photos as per usual.

    From Ian Butler, the greylags flying over Wath Ings, and a great sight they were too with all their whiffling. Thanks Ian.

    From Keith Webster, 3 of the black tailed godwits flying around Wath Ings, thanks Keith.

    Kingfishers were seen and photographed at the reedbed screen today. Here's a stunner from Tony Smith, thank you Tony! 

    From me, a little egret with sparkles :) 

    That's it for today, enjoy your Saturday evening :) 

  • Fish Friday...

    Hello, the heron on Wath Ings that likes to be to the left of a hide caught a large fish today.... more on that later :)

    Here are the sightings from the book and from me from today at Old Moor.

    Wombwell Ings - 2 spotted redshank, 2 greenshank, 4 dunlin and 4 whinchats.

    Bittern hide - kingfishers, a little egret, a juv peregrine, a grey heron, a little grebe doing a coot 'run' across the water and many swallows and sand martins flying near the hide. They were even sitting on wires very close to the hide at times. Lovely to watch! A sandpiper (common or green) was also in the book from here today.

    Wath Ings - a buzzard, a sparrowhawk, 2 ruff, 3 kestrels, 3 green sandpiper, a dunlin, a whitethroat, wigeon, 4 greenshank, 5 black tailed godwits, a pintail, a large flock of lapwing, many shovelor ducks, 2 spotted redshanks, 2 swifts, at least 3 cormorants, the grey heron to the left of the hide and 2 others elsewhere. 

    A marsh harrier was seen flying at the back towards Bolton Ings from here.

    Wader Scrape - a pintail at the back (not sure if it was the same one on W/I or not , the opinion was that it was a different bird. 2 mute swans had a big fight on here today, it sounded quite ferocious. 2 buzzards were seen here today too.

    Green Lane - a green woodpecker heard calling, a chiff-chaff and a female blackcap.

    Garden hide - all the usual suspects + a willow tit and a great spotted woodpecker heard calling.

    Butterflies - speckled wood, common blues and a lovely yellowmale brimstone.

    Dragonflies - brown and migrant hawkers and common darters.

    I watched the grey heron on Wath Ings for a while today,  the one that lies down and is very entertaining with all the different poses it does and  also the one that's been catching big fish and a moorhen. It was in the usual spot to the left of the hide. All of a sudden it let out a very ferocious squawk and flew into the corner of the reeds. I couldn't see what was going on but there was a lot of noise! Next a cormorant swam away very quickly.... it obviously did not have 'fishing rights' for this patch of water! The heron then proceeded to fish and ended up catching quite a big one. It had a bit of trouble keeping hold of it but managed to swallow it... after that large meal it spent quite a while wiping it's beak on a post.... it then fished a bit more and flew off with another big squawk! Fab to watch :) 

    Here are a few photos of it... 

    1- About to fly at the cormorant... 

    2 & 3 with fish.... Anyone know which kind of fish?


    4 - A bit of 'fish dipping...' 

    5 - And a bit of beak wiping!

    6 - And on the lookout again for a fish!

    That's it for today unless you know of anything else... Enjoy your Friday evening. :)