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  • Four seasons in one day - Sightings, 2 Mar.

    Hi Folks! Now normally I try to sum up the weather in the Dearne Valley in a line or two at the start of my blog but I have the feeling that I’d need several paragraphs today! Let’s just say it was “changeable” this morning and move on. Mind, this afternoon, well, the sun did make an appearance for most of it.

    Did the snow / hail / gloom / rain / cold howling winds deter the intrepid watchers? Not a jot. Though some did tell me they were having trouble with bird identification due to “foggin' bins” – now there’s a picture! [Wasn't he in Last of the Summer Wine?]

    So, starting in the Bird garden at Old Moor today there were redpoll, redwing, female sparrowhawk, tree sparrow, goldfinch, woodpigeon, stock dove, two moorhen, five pheasant, four male and four female bullfinch, reed bunting, greenfinch, chaffinch, blue tit, great tit, blackbird, yellowhammer, collared dove, long-tailed tit, magpie, mallard, dunnock and robin.

    It takes a certain type of photographer to catch a long-tailed tit NOT being cute but I think I managed it! Honestly, I shouldn't be allowed out.

    The remarkable Ian B reported a song thrush early doors today.

    A lovely portrait taken in the Tree Sparrow Farm by Ian Revitt. Thanks Ian!

    From the Mere came reports of ‘that’ Med. gull along with thirty-four common gull, two lesser black-backed gulls and twelve linnet.

    On the Wader Scrape were sixteen goosander and seven goldeneye.

    Wath Ings hide gave us reports of three snipe and nineteen shelduck.

    There were also five oystercatchers on the reserve today – two on the Mere, two on Wath Ings and one on the Wader Scrape.

    Top larks today at Wath Ings! Just kidding, they're not larks of course!

    Lastly, from Field Pool West were sightings of a green woodpecker.

    There is just time for one more glorious photo from Ian Revitt. This time a greenfinch looking just fine in the dappled light of the bird garden. Thanks again Ian!

    Until next time.

  • March at last! - Sightings, 1 Mar.

    Hi folks! Welcome to the first sightings blog of March. I know that to scientific folk we have to wait twenty more days for the vernal equinox but to us gardeners the first of March is officially ‘spring’! The winter months have finally passed and now we can look forward to warmer, brighter days and the incredible explosion of growth and renewal that is spring!

    Indeed, it was quite a day in the Dearne Valley today. The weather was very bright at first but a blustery and chill wind made it feel much colder than the eight degrees on the thermometer would have us believe.

    As ever, there was so much to been seen and today’s sightings start at Adwick Washlands. Here were great views of skylark, meadow pipit, redshank and ringed plover. Of course it wasn’t just views, those skylarks were singing their little hearts out!

    As it is March, let’s make the first image of the new month a traditional one.

    At Edderthorpe there were eleven whooper swan, two male pintail, a little egret, two oystercatcher and ten ringed plover.

    From Bolton Ings were reports of two displaying buzzards, a pair of stonechat, an oystercatcher, a water rail, three goldeneye, 45 tufted duck, 21 pochard, 24 shoveler, a goldcrest, and two skylarks singing.

    When the sun shines, lapwing dazzle! Taken at Adwick today.

    At Old Moor the main sightings seem to have come from the Wader Scrape and from Wath Ings today. Here were a Mediterranean gull, 24 goosander, seven goldeneye, eighteen shelduck, a redshank and four oystercatcher.

    - and then the Med. gull flew above my head as I walked along green lane :)

    A beautiful redshank taken at Old Moor today by Nicola - thank you so much!

    Twelve of those amazing shelduck. Taken at Wath Ings today.

    In Old Moor’s Bird garden were excellent views of lesser redpoll, two willow tits, and a male yellowhammer. With them were blackbird, blue tit, bullfinch, chaffinch, collared dove, goldfinch, great tit, greenfinch, long-tailed tit, pheasant, reed bunting, robin, tree sparrow and wren.

    Well, that's it for the sightings book today but I shall leave you with an image that summed up my sunny Sunday. A big thank you to both the lovely Nicola and the amazing Ian B for all their help today.

    Until next time.

  • It's Friday the 27th!

    It's nearly the end of February already ...soon be March then!

    The sightings today are from the book.

    In the bird garden visitors saw yellowhammer, reed buntings, goldfinches, blue tits, great tits, long tailed tits, robins, blackbirds, collared doves, wood pigeons, greenfinches, bullfinches, stock doves, chaffinches and mallards.

    From Pat Yates from the bird garden today, a lovely yellowhammer, thank you Pat!

    A green woodpecker, stock doves, a wren and a sparrowhawk were seen around the ponds area.

    A song thrush was heard and seen from the tree sparrow farm.

    Bridgeman aka Keith took a fab pic of it and this is what he said about it, thank you Keith!

    'I was attracted to the grassy patch between the Centre and TSF by a super vocal performance. Eventually, I spotted the singer high up in one of the small trees. My first song thrush sighting for 2105. :-)

    Over on the Mere from the Family Hide, a med gull and dunlin were seen.

    If you can envisage the small pond near bittern bus stop then see if you can add a kingfisher in that's exactly what one visitor saw!

    Birds of prey visited the Wader Scrape today with sightings of  3 buzzards, a kestrel and a sparrowhawk.

    Over to the reedbed hide next, here there were sightings of 2 reed bunting and 2 snipe, possibly (as yet not confirmed) they were jack snipe.

    Finally for today from the book, a ringed plover and dunlin were seen from the bittern hide.

    That's it for today, enjoy your evening :)