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Old Moor & Dearne Valley

Old Moor & Dearne Valley
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Dearne Valley

  • Friday at Old Moor

    Hello, apologies for the late sightings but I kind of spent quite a while in the bittern hide enjoying watching kingfishers from about 5pm... :)

    The following sightings are from the Barnsley Birders on Twitter.

    Wombwell Ings - a garganey, a shelduck and 3 dunlin.

    Broomhill this eve - a drake eclipse garganey, a common and a green sandpiper, greenshank, about 200 sand martins and 11 yellow wagtails.

    From the book at Old Moor....

    Of no fixed abode in the book but probably Wath Ings - 19 black tailed godwits, a greenshank, 2 redshank, 4LRP's, 1 ringed plover, 4 green sandpipers, 3 common sandpipers, 4 little egrets, sand martins, 1 swift, many lapwing, a few golden plover and grey herons.

    A grey heron caught a big fish today we think it's a tench but we might be wrong! Thanks go to Keith Pickering for the following 2 photos.

    There were also 20 swallows, 40+ sand martins, 1 house martin, 10+ blackcap, 20+ willow warblers, 10+of something I can't quite read, maybe chiffchaff? Then 2 whitethroat and 1 lesser whitethroat, 8 snipe, 2 wigeon and a marsh harrier over the Wader Scrape.

    A hobby was seen today as was a willow tit and a green woodpecker was on the road.

    Reedbed hide - tufted ducks, little egrets, mute swans, kingfisher, lapwing and sand martins.

    Bittern hide - kingfishers, little egrets, pied wagtails, a grey heron, coots + juv, a juv little grebe and a juv great crested grebe and mallards.

    Kingfishers have again been the highlight for many visitors with many sightings in the reedbeds - from the bittern hide, the walk down to the reedbed screen, the screen itself and the reedbed hide.

    Here's a great kingfisher sequence from the bittern hide from Keith Pickering.

    Thank you to Keith for the photos for the blog today.

    Butterflies - common blues, speckled wood and a green veined white.

    Dragonflies - common darters, migrant, southern and brown hawkers.

    Damselflies - emerald green and common blue that I saw.

    Finally for today, unless you know of other sightings, is a photo of a little egret from the bittern hide.

  • Thursday at Old Moor

    Hello, here are the sightings for today from the book.

    Bird Garden - greenfinches, blue tits, robin, chaffinches, bullfinches, magpie, a great spoted woodpecker and a wood pigeon.

    Wath Ings - 2 dunlin, 7 green sandpipers, 14 black tailed godwits, a golden plover, many lapwing, 2 greenshank, a first winter wheatear a whichat at the back of Wath Ings and a common sandpiper.

    Wader Scrape - a green sandpiper and 4 snipe.

    Bittern hide - kingfisher/s, a little egret and reed warblers.

    Family hide - a kingfisher, a ringed plover, 3 juv little ringed plovers, a little egret, x first winter wheatear anda common sandpiper.

    A hobby was seen over the Mere.

    Green Lane -  a kingfisher was seen flying over.

    A few photos... 

    From Dennis Hayhurst, 2 black tailed godwits on Wath Ings, thanks Dennis!

    From Keith Pickering, a kingfisher! Thank you Keith :) 

    From Peter Williams, a kingfisher in the reeds, thank you Peter!

    From Dek Wroe, a kingfisher photo from the Family Hide, thanks Dek!

    From me, from yesterday, migrant hawkers mating in the reeds in front of the reedbed hide.

    Also from me, a pair of common darters doing the same thing on the path around the ponds!

    Again from yesterday, a buff tip moth caterpillar around the ponds.

    And a final pic from me, a splashing kingfisher from yesterday :) 

    Please do add any further sightings from today via a comment.

  • Another Kingfisher-tastic Day!

    Hello, it's been another wonderful day for kingfisher sightings at Old Moor, mainly the reedbeds but they've also been seen from Wath Ings, the Wader Scrape and the Family Hide today.

    Reedbeds kingfisher sightings;

    1) From the bittern hide, one, two and even three zipping around, fishing from the posts in front of the hide and at one point, one of them sat on one of the posts right in front of the hide. 

    2) Flying around the reedbeds, often two chasing each other, fantastic to watch!

    3) Reedbed screen - zooming up and down and also sitting on some of the branches at the sides of the channel.

    4) Reedbed hide - fishing from either side of the hide in the reeds, landing on the branch in front of the reeds and zooming across in front of the hide.

    Just amazing how many sightings at the moment! Here are a few photos...

    Thanks to all photographers, it's great to see your pics :) 

    From Kevin Wakelam...

    From Ian U....

    From Dale....

    Also from the bittern hide - a little egret, 2 grey herons, a great crested grebe + juv, a little grebe, 2 reed warblers in the reeds in front of the hide, a green sandpiper, coots, moorhens and juv pied wagtails.

    Reedbed hide - 2 green sandpipers chasing each other across the water, 3 fishing cormorants, a juv great crested grebe, mute swans, a little grebe and of course kingfishers.

    Main Mere/no fixed abode - 2 wigeon, a garganey, approx 170 gadwall , 42 shovelor, 160 teal, 800+ lapwing, 4 LRP's, a ringed plover, a dunlin, 6 green sandpipers, 4 common sandpipers, 2 greenshank, 10 snipe, 14 black tailed godwits, a linnet, a little egret and 9 grey herons.

    Wader Scrape - 2 linnets and 5 snipe.

    Field Pool West - mute swans, a green woodpecker heard waffling and a little grebe.

    Green Lane - chiff-chaff, willow warblers, whitethroat, blackcap, reed warblers, a sedge warbler and a willow tit.

    There were reported sightings in the book of a wood sandpiper and 3 spotted flycatchers (FPW).

    Bird Garden - bullfinches, great tits, blue tits, chaffinches, greenfinches, tree sparrows, a pheasant, a wood pigeon and a magpie.

    There were approx 500 sand martins on the reserve today.

    Dragonflies - migrant, southern and brown hawkers and common darters. Emerald green and common blue damselflies were seen.

    Butterflies seen today were common blues (many) and speckled wood that I saw.

    A few more photos....

    From Dennis Hayhurst, a dunlin with a  ringed plover. Thank you Dennis.

    Finally, from me from today, one of the many common blue butterflies around Old Moor. Gorgeous :)

    If you know of anything else from today then please add it via a comment below.