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Old Moor & Dearne Valley

Old Moor & Dearne Valley
Do you love visiting our Dearne Valley reserves? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Forum Thread: Crow boom?

    There seems to have been a massive increase in the number of carrion crows in the Dearne Valley area this year - we have several around our home. They seem to have displaced the magpies! Has anyone else noticed this in the area or elsewhere?
  • Forum Thread: Visit Wed 11/8/2010 and Great Crested Grebe/Little Grebe/Tree sparrows

    Dear all, Having just rejoined the RSPB after some years, I brought my young family along to the Wild Wednesday event. What a fantastic reserve this is, in terms of both the friendly staff and fellow bird watchers I met, and the actual facilities. My kids loved the pond dipping, and I spotted a juvenile...
  • Forum Thread: Golden Crow?

    From an early age, my family encouraged me to take an interest in wildlife and birds in particular - an interest that has stayed with me for over 50 years! However, last Monday, I saw a bird which really had me stumped - it was sitting on one of the picnic tables at the back entrance to M&S at...
  • Forum Thread: Congratulations Are In Order !

    Grootings readers !!! Another nice day today although it was quite windy where I went ... I did manage to see 2 redstarts though! I was trying to walk off last night's calories you know ... News from Old Moor today .. Mr and Mrs Avocet are now the proud parents of 2 wee avocets !! They...
  • Forum Thread: Bullfinches everywhere!

    Is it me or are there a lot more Bullfinches about this year? It's not a bird I expect to see very often but this year there seem to be plenty on the Old Moor garden and roadside feeders, and I have seen a small group of them flying along the hedgerows down in Low Valley by the new school building...
  • Forum Thread: Goosanders

    I spotted a party of Goosanders floating along the River Don at Meadowhall this morning as I was on my way to work. About 7 or 8 of them, male and female. I spotted them in the same area last year so I am glad they are back - lovely birds.
  • Forum Thread: There's Bin A Murrrder !!

    Hi Chaps and Chapesses !! Friday arrives once more ... Great !!! .. Another great excuse to eat, drink and be merry .. (not that I particularly need one) So ... Here are today's goodies from Old Moor . Firstly the Wader Scrape .. Reported from here were a garganey, a pintail, 8 dunlins...
  • Forum Thread: today at old moor

    our first visit since joining
  • Forum Thread: Recent sightings for Friday 26th March.

    The method of adding the Recent Sightings has had a make-over so I,m hoping that you are reading this !! A walk around Old Moor after work produced plenty to see as normal. The Field Pool had lapwings, redshanks, coots, moorhens, teals, wigeons, tufted ducks, shovelers, mallards, a little grebe, stock...
  • Forum Thread: Wrong place !! ... DOH !!

    Greetings everyone ... Just a quick message here to let you know that the Recent Sightings are now on the Blog, as opposed to on here (the forum) ... If you look further up the page you will see 4 'Tabs' named Home .. Blog .. Forum (this page) .. and Photos .. Thanks to Nicola for pointing...
  • Forum Thread: Blackcaps

    I always regarded blackcaps as a bit of a rarity, largely as they are fast moving and tend to stay deep in bushes and difficult to spot. Until a couple of years ago, I had never actually seen one! So, you can imagine my surprise when a male bird (photo) turned up in our garden in Darfield just before...