Tonight at 8pm on Stargazing LIVE, BBC 2 you can see a stunning short clip of around 10 seconds long of a stunning starscape taken by one of our very own volunteer Ron Thomas.

You might never have thought about photographing the night sky before, but if you ever find yourself in a location with little light pollution on a clear  moon-free night, it’s something you will enjoy trying!  

Ron and his son Matt Thomas who is a West Kirby warden spent a night back in February  doing some astrophotography on Hilbre Island where they managed to capture the motion of the starts through the night sky, these images are often called star trails.

This technique is archived by in either one of two ways-one is by taking a single "long exposure" photo, and the other is to take a series of photos and then sandwich them together into one photo.

So join Professor Brian Cox and Dara O’Briainfor the hottest three nights of stargazing and discussion. 

Photo by Matt Thomas