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Dee Estuary

Dee Estuary
Do you love our Dee Estuary nature reserves? Share your thoughts with the community. Or if you're thinking about visiting and would like to find out more, ask away!
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  • Blog Post: Aerial Antics

    Those that joined us on Sunday's Raptor Watch at Parkgate were treated to a special treat as the wintering birds of prey showed off like never before. Immediately upon arrival a juvenile peregrine was perched upon a piece of driftwood no more than 500m away and there it did stay until sunset....
  • Blog Post: Getting on with the job

    The hard work is continuing down at "Inner Marsh Farm 2" with one big job complete and another big job on going the landscape is changing quickly. Several sluices have been installed which will allow us to effectively control water levels on our new shallow pools. Meanwhile a 2.5Km predator...
  • Blog Post: Raptor Watch 19th December

    Sunday's "Raptor Watch" again produced the goods with a fantastic display of hunting from a local barn owl..... After several close passes the owl decided to move on and off it went to nearby pastures ... A solitary woodcock flew out of the marsh heading in the same direction ...
  • Blog Post: Hen Harriers are back

    Up to three hen harriers are back on the Dee Estuary already so get yourself down to Parkgate this weekend from 12 noon to see them. Look for the green "Love Nature" marquee on the promenade at Parkgate and you could get views like this .... Female Hen Harrier by A. Davis
  • Blog Post: Room for two more?

    Late stayers at Burton Mere Wetlands have seen the (phenomenal) little egret roost receive a couple of new lodgers over the past few weeks - two great white egrets! Several reports of great white egret at Parkgate led the staff here to carefully examine everyone of the 200+ little egrets that come...
  • Blog Post: Parkgate Project

    Dear All, If you have been down to Parkgate recently you may have been surprised to see a few changes to the landscape...... Through a joint project with Cheshire West & Cheshire Council, Neston Town Council, The Parkgate Society and the RSPB has been carrying out some habitat works on the...
  • Blog Post: A bank holiday boom

    With the wonderful weather we've had over the past few days, things have been busy down here at the reserve. Although the weather may have cooled down the bird action certainly hasn't with this morning bringing with it some brilliant views of a female marsh harrier and a male hen harrier , both...