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Places to visit

Places to visit
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  • Bempton Cliffs

    Recent Sightings Special 21/07/14 - Farewell!

    Hello readers, and welcome again to a special edition of Recent Sightings. Apologies for the delay in getting this one up -- I've just graduated, so I'm sure you can imagine it's been a busy week! Unfortunately, this also means that this will...
  • Rainham Marshes

    Chat Back

    Yesterday a Wheatear was seen briefly by the Giant Ant Hill and I forgot to add it into my report... today it showed very well by the Reedbed DZ and everyone managed to get some great shots of this immaculate juvenile bird. I was suprised that it did...
  • Titchwell Marsh

    July 30th 2014 - Today's highlights

    Spotted crake - 1 still present near Island Hide today but generally it has been very elusive. At times it was actually seen perching in the tops of the reeds! We don't know why but it could have been to escape the agrssive moorhens Wood sandpiper...
  • Rye Meads

    A Spotted Crake

    This afternoon a Spotted crake (Porzana porzana) has been sighted from the Draper hide! To give as many people as possible the chance to view this rare and often elusive bird, we will be staying open later this evening. Access will be through the front...
  • Leighton Moss

    Commas cause quite a commotion...

    Thanks to some careful management, the meres are getting shallower. However, this is proving brilliant for spotting some extra wildlife that might otherwise be more difficult to see at this time of year. At Lilian’s hide, several water rails...
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More Firecrest, because we love them!

As we have had a lovely sunday, discovering the right spot and the bird (at least for me) this monday...
Posted to: Arne
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At RSPB Rainahm Marshes one sunny day, sitting in the hide determined to see a Kingfisher! And there...
Posted to: Rainham Marshes
by 53

...And no cheese

A smashing yellowhammer from OM today. :)
Posted to: Dearne Valley
by 21

Nature's Engineering At Its' Best

Over the years man has created some extraordinary engineering marvels but Nature never fails to always...
Posted to: Dearne Valley
by 19

Sunset through the grass

Taken as the sun was going down on the longest day of the year during the Big wild sleepout
Posted to: Dearne Valley
by 14

Brave or stupid?

A Crow joins the Osprey on the pole this evening
Posted to: Arne
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Firecrest displaying

Yersterday afternoon, about 6pm, enjoying a bit of sun after the work, I arrived in arne's car park...
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Hen Harrier Flypast

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Another shot of the same bird looking for its dinner
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Male Siskin

Birds perch in some weird places..:-)
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Firecrest (Arne)

Saw my first Firecrest today, took loads of pics but they are so skitty, only 1 pic came out any sense...
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Barn Owl Remains

Severed barn owl beak and feathers (Tyto alba). Dorset, UK. At least that's our best guess. Found...
Posted to: Arne
by 31